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‘it’s powerful and clever’


‘outstanding and truly astounding’

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Import data from any accounting system

ScaleXP can import data from all of your clients’ accounting systems: Xero, QuickBooks, Sage, ZohoBooks, NetSuite…any of the systems shown here.

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Automate deferred revenue recognition

ScaleXP has created proprietary technology to automatically recognise and defer revenue, using only the text on the invoice line description.  Invoices are imported directly from the accounting system.  Using a sophisticated series of text recognition algorithms, the system allocates revenue to the correct month.

This is designed to eliminate the need to track deferred or accrued revenue in spreadsheets, saving hours of tedious manual calculations.

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Provide the SaaS metrics your technology clients need

ScaleXP has a library of over 40 SaaS metrics which can be fully automated from accounting data and ScaleXP aggregation algorithms.   

Each metric is predefined using industry standard definitions; all can be customised when or if your client requires.  Even complex metrics such as upsells, downgrades, retention and churn rates are fully automated in the platform, saving your clients many hours in spreadsheet tracking.

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KPI and single source of truth

Why is ScaleXP the best solution for your technology clients?


Prepare them for growth

As a company grows, the complexity of billing arrangements can quickly escalate; with different terms by client or contract, different billing periods for hardware, software or specific services. ScaleXP will ensure that they are ready to scale, no matter how complex the invoicing arrangements.

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Ensure that they are ready for due diligence

Automating deferred revenue and revenue recognition creates more accurate financials, with revenue allocated correctly down to the day. All calculations are fully compliant with IFRS, GAAP, including IFRS 15 and ASC 606.

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Save your time and theirs

Provide a real time view of revenue, in 1 click, whenever you need.  Your clients can access data through ScaleXP dashboard or it can be download to a spreadsheet. 

Impress the board & the investors

Ensure that your hard work is noticed by the Founder, the board and investors.  Provide financial presentations, ready to be integrated into a board pack.  Graphs are created and added in a single click. Just add your commentary and send.

Impress your clients with presentation templates

Copy. Paste. Format. Adjust. Resize. Label. It’s such a long process to put together presentations…

Our sleek, built-in presentation templates are designed to make data visualization quick and easy. All you have to do is add your comments and present! 

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‘intuitive, user friendly and constantly improving’