Dynamic, interactive reporting

designed to

Engage your clients

people looking at a financial dashboard

ScaleXP provides Finance Directors and outsourced finance teams
the most interactive and dynamic reporting system on the market.

Integrate financial & sales data

The ScaleXP platform connects to both the accounting and sales systems, allowing you to import key sales statistics that highlight performance. Metrics such as the size of the sales pipeline, average time to convert new sales and the time to close a deal provide critical insights about the future of the company, allowing you to advise on the future (as well as the past).

Provide better customer service

The heart of the ScaleXP platform is a set of online interactive dashboards and reports which can be shared with clients. Data is brought to live through click through reporting and interactive graphs, which help clients easily understand their financial data.

Smarter reporting tools

ScaleXP is built on a sophisticated recommendation engine, allowing it to provide a list of top 10 KPIs by sector and stage of growth. The list is just the starting point. In a click, you can select any further metrics which you feel are relevant. All KPIs are linked to graphs ready to be turned on, no building or compiling data.

Easy & quick setup

Setting up a company in the ScaleXP system takes less than 1 hour. At the end of that time, you will have interactive reports, financial and operational dashboards and even a skeletal board pack.

Differentiate your service offering

The ScaleXP system is the only tool on the market which allows you to provide your clients with an interactive dashboard, allowing them to see and explore the data. It is ideal for your clients who aren’t happy with standard PDF files and are looking for more.