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‘Thanks to ScaleXP we’re now producing more insights, faster and with greater accuracy.’


SquaredUp helps companies manage critical IT business-critical IT infrastructure and applications. SquaredUp The company is dedicated to bringing modern data visualization to enterprise IT and helps the world’s largest enterprises transform the visibility of their IT.


Effortless SaaS Metrics

‘The system is intuitive, user friendly and constantly improving. The team are super responsive to feedback/feature requests and introduced functionality to make us successful with the product from the outset.’ – Tom Prince, Commercial Analyst at SquaredUp

Tricky consolidation drill down

Prior to ScaleXP, SquaredUp used Fathom to consolidate their Xero UK & USA accounting data.  The financial consolidation worked well but inter-company balances were tricky to understand because it was not possible to click into the detail. 

Data from Salesforce could not be joined to Xero, making it tedious to calculate metrics, such as active customers, upgrades and downgrades.  Calculating MRR and ARR alone required ½ day each month. 

The SquaredUp team spend days each month exporting data to spreadsheets and reconciling, rather than providing analysis or insights. 

ScaleXP, salesforce & xero integration

Why ScaleXP is the best solution

ScaleXP is one of the few systems to offer both financial consolidation and a powerful metric calculation system.  The system provides a full API integration with Xero and Salesforce.  The combination of these features was critical for SquaredUp. 

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Financial consolidation

ScaleXP consolidated both the financial and operational KPIs for SquaredUp.  Inter-company balances net off in a way which is intuitive, providing instant drill down to specific general ledger accounts.  The transparency of the system has allowed SquaredUp to catch issues early.  

All data, including KPIs are available at the parent company or subsidiary level, in a few simple clicks.

automated metrics

Customer metrics: 

Revenue per customer, upsells, downgrades, net dollar retention are all automated.


SAAS metrics:

ScaleXP includes a full suite of SAAS KPIs.  Critical SAAS metrics are fully automated by the system including MRR, ARR, upsells, downgrades, net dollar retention.

All metric definitions can be customised using both accounting or CRM data, creating one of the most powerful SAAS KPI tools on the market. 

Thanks to ScaleXP, SquaredUp has more time available to analyse data rather than compiling it.

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