CFO Dashboards

CFO Dashboards: Deliver more insights faster

cfo dashboard

Business analytics & CFO insights

Business analytics in real time, with minimal setup

  • Dashboards instantly show real time financial results and trends including profit margin, customer churn, net cash burn, cash balances.
  • Integrated data across accounting and sales systems at a granular level
  • Created to provide CFO insights across systems

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Benefits of our CFO dashboard

Fully customizable

  • Preset charts, graphs, dashboards and presentations can all be changed in content and/or appearance
  • Fully editable metric definitions
  • Able to track against multiple budgets for both financial and non financial data

Data driven SaaS

SAAS dashboards, with a comprehensive ranges of automated KPIs. 30 metrics are fully automated including  MRR, ARR, CAC (customer acquisition cost), CAC Payback, Rule of 40, SaaS Quick Ratio, LTV (Customer Lifetime Value), Net dollar retention, Customer churn rate and more.

Made for CFOs

  • Editable content designed for presenting to Boards, investors, and other managers
  • Create your own charts, graphs and reports with the data in a few clicks
  • Pre-built complex calculations which can be further edited to specific needs

Visually portray performance across multiple budgets

Compare actuals to budgets across your choice of countries, projects, departments, and metrics.

  • Display results in impressive graphs – built for you in a few clicks
  • Report across currencies incorporating metrics as well as accounting data
  • Track budget variances for subscription metrics including customer churn, lifetime value, customer acquisition costs, CAC payback, customer growth
  • Personalise your reporting with customised styles, colours, and data groupings

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Share your insights

ScaleXP enables a cross-department view of your financial and non-financial data.

Visual dashboards and presentations make it easy to share data across the company. Graphs can be added to dashboards with our drag and drop builder. Data can be shared in a click.

Once shared, the graphs are interactive, allowing your colleagues to select, highlight and isolate variables to drill down across the system, helping them make meaningful decisions.

Your data is sleek, smart, and designed to create impact.


ScaleXP integrates with all leading accounting and CRM systems for a truly integrated view of the business.

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A smart dashboard, tailored to your business

ScaleXP dashboards integrate financial and business data to provide the most comprehensive suite of data for your dashboard, with over 100 preconfigured metrics and charts.

Pre-built templates are created based on your sector and stage of growth. From here you can customize, change and update in a few clicks.  

Our focus is providing a solution which extends beyond traditional financial data to include both operational and growth KPIs, even return on marketing spend, ensuring that finance teams have the tools to work smarter.

An impressive reporting pack – easily

“The monthly financial information have been so quick and easy to create on Scalexp. The graphs are really great for visual and comparative analysis. ScaleXP has saved so much time!” 

CFO Dashboards FAQs

Our dashboards are designed to provide a full business update in one or two screens – integrating financial, sales and marketing data. They are provided using cutting-edge technology to join data across systems, ensuring a full view of the business.

The dashboards provide actionable KPIs and comparisons to targets or budgets. Our objective is to make it easy to access the data so more time can be spent analysing it, rather than compiling.

The setup time is just 1 hour!

Each new customer is onboarded over zoom, in a one hour session. At the end of that hour, you will have a dashboard, with your data, the metrics that you want to track, and reports which allow you to dig deeper.

All data on the dashboard is ‘drag and drop’. Data can be updated in less than a minute.

Yes, of course. Many of our customers created dashboards for their colleagues.  You have full control over the dashboards you create and share, ensuring the business is focused on a single source of truth.

Yes, of course. ScaleXP includes a comprehensive set of SaaS KPIs: MRR, ARR, acquisition cost, lifetime value, net dollar retention, and much more.