CFO Dashboards

Get a comprehensive, real-time snapshot of your business performance in minutes.

CFO Dashboards with a real-time view of your company performance

Benefits of our CFO Dashboard

Imagine how easy it would be to start work on a Monday morning with all of your data at your fingertips, ready to review and share. 

Our platform gives you this, and so much more. With ScaleXP, you will: 

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Share your insights

Share insights with your colleagues, investors or board in a click.

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Empower your business

Empower the business with financial data

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Automated tracking

Understand and track what matters to you

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Real-time view

Get latest view of the business, anytime

Get the latest view - anytime

ScaleXP dashboards put data at your fingertips. 

Instead of a long and complex process… logging into several systems… running queries… merging fields… and then doing calculations. 

Real-time data is processed and presented automatically

Simply login each morning for a full view of the financial and non-financial figures that are most important for your business. The system automatically syncs both actual and budget data from your accounting, CRM and marketing systems, ensuring you are always up to date.

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Track the KPIs that matter the most

Select the most relevant KPIs for your business and add them to the dashboard in a click.

Highlight and isolate variables to drill down across the system to ensure that you’re making meaningful decisions based on your data. 

Your data is presented in a sleek, smart and presentable way saving you time on customising graphs in order to derive  actionable insights.

(If you’re not sure what you should focus on, our system selects the key metrics based on your company size and industry type.) 

Empower the business with financial data

Collaboration is integral to the success of a company. 

ScaleXP enables a cross-department view of your financial and non-financial data. Gone are the days when departments would work separately with no interaction.

Graphs are added to dashboards with our drag and drop builder, making it easy to visualise the latest trends.

You can share graphs or data with a colleague, in a click.  Once shared, the graphs are interactive, allowing your colleagues to select, highlight and isolate variables to drill down across the system, helping them visualise financial data. 

Your data is sleek, smart, and ready to share.

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Why ScaleXP is the best solution

At ScaleXP, we integrate financial and business data to provide the most comprehensive suite of data for your dashboard.  

ScaleXP dashboards are smart.  Pre-built templates are created based on your sector and stage of growth. From here you can customize, change and update in a few clicks.  

Our focus is providing a solution which extends beyond traditional financial data to include both operational and growth KPIs, even return on marketing spend, ensuring that finance teams have the tools to work smarter.

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