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Supercharge your finance team

Manual calculations are a thing of the past! ScaleXP is designed to benefit your Finance team by uncovering the wealth of data stored in your accounting systems that is waiting to be used. 

Automate ARR, MRR, CAC and more!

Driving your operational efficiency and being able to make confident data-driven decisions is integral for the success of any business in today’s environment.

Which is why we automate all standard Finance metrics within our system. Deferred revenue, ARR, MRR, LTV, CAC and many more metrics are available in a matter of clicks. 

Pair the automated unit economics with our interactive data visualisation tools and your data is presented in sleek and smart dashboards, reports and presentations within minutes. 

Giving you more time to deliver actionable insights.

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Streamline deferred & accrued revenue.

Within ScaleXP, the entire system is designed to support your reporting. Providing data by tracking category, department or business unit is easy.  

Comparisons to budget are automated, and you can even provide a graph with drag and drop. 

Financial consolidation.

ScaleXP automates the tedious task of financial consolidation.  

Combine data from disparate accounting systems, in just a few clicks. Data can be imported from multiple countries and multiple systems.  As a simple example, you can combine data from Xero in the UK, Quickbooks in the USA and Sage in Canada. 

Import foreign currency exchange rates and ensure that IFRS compliant rates are always used.  Once consolidated, ‘drill down’ into the data to understand anomalies or get answers quickly.  

The system can provide FX rates with any currency in the world:  US$, GB£, Euros, AU$, NZ$, Colombian Pesos.  Just reach out to us to confirm your currency is available, or if you would like us to add more. 

We take the fuss out of consolidation, making your life just a little easier.

ScaleXP Consolidated reports, switch currencies, share reports options

Close faster & extend your financial reporting with ScaleXP

Dashboards & data visualization.

A key feature of ScaleXP is our data visualization tools, namely our interactive dashboards and charts. 

So frequently, people outside of the finance teams need to see data in graphs and charts to understand it.  We make this process simple.  Graphs can be added to dashboards and presentations with a drag and drop builder.  

Once shared, the graphs are interactive, allowing your colleagues to select, highlight and isolate variables to drill down across the system, helping them make meaningful decisions. 

Your data is presented in a sleek, smart and presentable way saving you time.

Download Free ScaleXP Templates:

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