ScaleXP + Salesforce

ScaleXP takes Salesforce data to the next level, enabling it to be used across the business.

Maximise sales

Maximise sales by spotting when deals are languishing in the sales funnel.

Impress investors

Impress investors by understanding the right metrics for your business.

Templated presentations

Manage your board meetings perfectly with our template presentations.

Team dashboards

Manage your team meetings perfectly, with dashboards by team, with all of the relevant data to ask the right questions.

Renewals report

Understand your renewals schedule months in advance.

Concierge onboarding for all customers.

At ScaleXP, all of our new customers get a concierge onboarding, done in person, over Zoom.

Onboarding takes 1 hour, and at the end of this session, you and your team will be up and running.

Say goodbye to hours, or even weeks of configuration and setup!

Combine data from Salesforce with
these systems.

Your Salesforce data can be combined with data
from any of the systems above.

Here are a few examples of the power of connectivity:

Salesforce + Xero

Automatically calculate trends in customer buying behaviour. See in a single click the customers that have upgraded or downgraded.

Salesforce + QuickBooks

Combine actual customer revenue data with information from Hubspot to understand your highest growth customers.

Supercharge your systems.

Whatever your growth trajectory, ScaleXP is designed to play its part in assisting executive teams in making the correct decisions for maximum success:

Understand the right metrics for your business.

Ask the right questions to your teams – by instantly clicking into calculations.

Maximise sales by spotting when deals are languishing in the sales funnel.

Spend less time compiling data and more time moving your company forward.

Manage your board meetings flawlessly using our template presentations.