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Grow faster through automated data insights.

We make reporting easy by automating complex invoice line recognition.

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Automate KPI reporting, with built-in dashboards, invoice line recognition by integrating accounting & sales systems

About ScaleXP

ScaleXP is a software platform, which uses smart algorithms and data matching to automate routine reporting.

We are on a mission to deliver big company analytical power to SMEs with high growth potential – simply and affordably. 

The system connects to your existing systems, automatically importing data to save you time.

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For CEOs:

ScaleXP gives you immediate access to critical business KPIs and metrics:

  • Split revenue into maintenance, service, one-off, or any other bucket
  • Customer growth
  • Margin per product
  • Customer churn and retention rates

The platform is built for IT service providers with the ability to understand customer growth, including or ignoring the impact of framework contracts


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Trusted by teams at

Trusted by teams at

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