Fully automate revenue recognition

Streamline and automate revenue recognition, using nothing more than your invoices in Xero 

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Easily integrate Xero data with these CRM platforms

Automate Rev Rec from your Xero invoices

ScaleXP is a finance automation platform which uses technology to fully automate revenue recognition. Sophisticated natural language algorithms read and process all data and text on your invoices, preparing revenue recognition schedules.

Smart enough to detect changes in contractual periods and adaptable across countries and currencies, ScaleXP takes the hassle out of revenue management. Our customers save hours, even days, using ScaleXP revenue recognition technology.

Streamline Deferred Revenue, with ease

Deferred revenue is fully automated from your invoices with no need to retype data:

Move from routine processing...to powerful business partner

Ensure your finance team is a powerful business partner by:

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At ScaleXP, our objective is to automate your revenue recognition quickly and easily.

Integrate Xero + CRM data

Xero + HubSpot

ScaleXP is a certified HubSpot partner. Fully integrate Xero HubSpot data. Issue invoices as soon as a deal is closed. Track contract renewals. Easily analyse and understand business performance.

Xero + Pipedrive

ScaleXP is a certified Pipedrive partner. Automated checks ensure 100% of invoices are issued. Renewals are identified and tracked automatically. Customer data across Pipedrive and Xero is fully integrated.

Xero + Salesforce

Automate the integration between Xero and Salesforce. Ensure all invoices are issued on time. Track contract renewals before they are due. Fully integrate Xero Salesforce data to understand business performance.

ScaleXP is a "Xero Staff Pick"

In July 2023, ScaleXP was selected by Xero as one of the top apps. This decision is based on the quality of our integration as well as our straight 5 star review in the Xero app store. 

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