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Smart finance automation that saves up to 5 days per month & provides insights to drive growth.


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Automate Revenue Recognition

Automate deferred revenue directly from the data and text on your invoices.

Track all SaaS and subscription metrics

Save days each month by automating SaaS metric tracking: MRR, ARR, CAC, Lifetime Value, much more. 

Manage subscriptions and renewals

Easily track contract renewals and upsells through integrated accounting & CRM data.

Automate invoicing from HubSpot

Streamline invoicing by capturing key data in HubSpot. Eliminate retyping, reduce errors, save time.

Smart finance automation

Create a single source of truth grounded in your financial data.

Integrate data from all major accounting and CRM platforms.

Unlock smart reports & insights

Unlock a smarter way to automate SaaS metrics, build attractive dashboards, and instantly share insights with your team.

Create dashboards that deliver real-time data allowing you to make informed decisions with confidence and ease. Learn more ->

Automate your SaaS metrics calculations including MRR, ARR, acquisition costs and lifetime value. Over 40 SaaS metrics are pre-built with industry-standard definitions and easily customised to your business. Learn more ->

Seamlessly integrate your data sources to create reports which provide insights across companies and departments. Learn more ->

A laptop highlighting ScaleXP's key financial consolidation features across countries and currencies.

5 days

Saved per month

AI Dashboards

Built in minutes


SaaS Metrics


Instant reports

Close the month 3 days faster

Use technology to automate deferred revenue and prepayments, finishing these tasks in a few clicks.

Improve Accuracy

Eliminate inevitable spreadsheet errors. Ensure all of your data is fully audit ready.  

Build confidence in your data

Ensure your calculations always reflect the latest numbers. Build dashboards with instant click through to account level detail.

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Take reporting to the next level

Impress your team, board and investors with integrated datasets, visual and interactive dashboards.

A male ScaleXP finance team user standing in front of a purple background.

Drag & drop

Easily drag and drop over 100 pre-built chart visualisations into your dashboards. These visualisations automatically sync and update with your data, integrating accounting and CRM data.

Integrated data

Create reports that seamlessly weave together all of your data - accounting, sales, SaaS metrics. Watch these spreadsheets build and update with the latest data.

Unlimited dashboards

Effortlessly create and customise dashboards. Select your preferred reporting time period and witness real-time updates on the dashboards.

User access & sharing

Choose which users, departments or seniorities can see specific dashboards and reports. Adjust access, and share with the team instantly.

What our customers say

A lady from SquaredUp using her laptop to access ScaleXP's smart finance automation tools.

Before ScaleXP, SquaredUp struggled with complex inter-company balances, manual calculations, and inefficient data exporting, hindering analysis and insights.    

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A lady from Empathic Technologies smiling due to the time ScaleXP has saved her.

Before ScaleXP, Empathic Technologies faced challenges with customised reports: lengthy preparation, disjointed data, lack of integration, and a tedious manual process.

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ScaleXP is for...

Ensure your company is ready for its next funding round. Review all SaaS metrics in one screen to understand best-in-class performance and areas for improvement.

Take your reporting to the next level, with comprehensive insights at your fingertips.

Who want to monitor their company’s finances in one place with up-to-date data, without the need for regular spreadsheet updates.

A finance director using her iPad to check the key metrics and data from her accounting system in ScaleXP