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GivePanel uses ScaleXP to automate revenue recognition and track their SaaS metrics across their UK and US entities.

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GivePanel CEO and Founder Nick explains why he loves ScaleXP

Company: GivePanel
Industry: Software as a Service, supporting nonprofits
Location: UK and US

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Difficult to get correct revenue recognition in Xero
Reporting for US, UK and combination not readily available
Lacked CEO dashboards with financials and business metrics
SaaS metrics were time consuming to calculate

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ScaleXP Reporting & Automation

Five Star Review from Joel Greenaway, VP of Finance at GivePanel

Revenue Recognition
“We use Xero as our accounting/bookkeeping platform and we were struggling with revenue recognition. As a SaaS company, we charge people for annual accounts but need to recognise that revenue on a monthly accrued model and that was really difficult with Xero.
Just plugging in ScaleXP to Xero worked really well for us so we can have a true profit and loss, which is really important for the size of business that we are now.”

International Consolidation and Reporting
“We have a US business and a UK business. ScaleXP was able to give us a view of both those businesses and a consolidated view”

Reporting and Dashboards
“The reporting and dashboards are brilliant.  As a CEO I actually enjoy going into ScaleXP and using it to look at my cashflow, profit and loss and other SaaS metric reports like Net Revenue Retention. We can track our MRR over time and other classic SaaS metrics like the Lifetime Value and to CAC Ratio.”