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Best in class revenue recognition software

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Streamline and automate revenue recognition, using only the data in your current accounting system. 

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ScaleXP Smart Finance Automation, Including Deferred Revenue, Financial Consolidation, Budgets & Forcasts, SaaS Metrics, CFO Dashboards, Revenue Recognition, IFRS15 & ASC606 Compliant automated smart reports and dashboards

ScaleXP integrates with all leading accounting & CRM platforms:

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Automate deferred revenue recognition

A laptop showing an invoice line description from ScaleXP

ScaleXP eliminates the need for manual spreadsheets to track deferred revenue calculations with deferred revenue automation.

Streamline accrued income recognition

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A laptop showing charts of data, and the different accounting and payments systems that can integrate with ScaleXP - Stripe, Xero, QuickBooks, Sage, and Microsoft Dynamics.
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With the ScaleXP platform you can:

Close the month 3 days faster

Automate deferred revenue, accruals, and prepaid expenses. Link directly to journals and management accounting packs.

Reduce errors

Eliminate spreadsheet and billing errors. Prevent revenue leakage and ensure all of your data is audit ready with automated revenue recognition schedules.

Be IFRS & GAAP compliant

Transparent tracking of deferred revenue, accruals and prepaid expenses. Clear auditable schedules. Automated checks.

What our customers say

ScaleXP is a "Xero Staff Pick"

In July 2023, ScaleXP was selected by Xero as one of the top apps. This decision is based on the quality of our integration as well as our straight 5 star review in the Xero app store. 

Revenue Recognition FAQs

Revenue recognition can be fully automated from Stripe, Xero, QuickBooks, Sage Business Cloud, most versions of Sage 50, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Exact and other platforms. For the full list of our accounting integrations, just click here ->

A CRM connection is not essential. Revenue recognition can be fully automated using all of the data and text on your invoices. The only requirement is for the system to see your invoices. 

ScaleXP is built on a series of sophisticated natural language processing algorithms, which read and understand the text, just as a person would. Any date format can be used.  You can even mix and match American date format (mm-dd-yy) and British date format (dd-mm-yy). 

The system also understands words which convey time such as annual, quarterly, 6 months, 2 weeks, 6 days, just about anything you can think of. If a person can read and understand the revenue recognition period on your invoices, the ScaleXP algorithms will also understand. 

Xero and QuickBooks can be automatically updated with draft revenue recognition journals. You simply review and click to approve. Journals can not be automatically passed to Sage or Dynamics, but ScaleXP provides the full journal and a comprehensive CSV download. 

Yes, of course. ScaleXP provides a full breakdown of both Revenue (on the P&L) and Deferred Income (on the Balance Sheet). It will work across all of your accounts, as many as you have. 

Schedules can be viewed by customer, by invoice, and by general ledger code. An audit trail of all journals passed to the accounting system. And, in case that’s not enough, all schedules can be downloaded to an Excel file.