ScaleXP integrates with all leading accounting and CRM systems for a truly integrated view of the business.

Integrate data across accounting systems

Combine data from disparate accounting systems, in just a few clicks. Data can be imported from multiple countries and multiple systems. As a simple example, you can combine data from Xero in the UK, Quickbooks in the USA and Sage in Canada. 

There is no need for a standard general ledger, making it easy to get started.

ScaleXP automatically imports foreign currency exchange rates and converts all accounting data using IFRS compliant rates. Once consolidated, ‘drill down’ into the data to understand anomalies or get answers quickly.

Read more about financial consolidation here

Smooth onboarding process

At ScaleXP, all of our new customers have a guided onboarding session over Zoom.

Onboarding only takes one hour and at the end of this session, you and your team will be up and running.

Say goodbye to hours, or even weeks of configuration and setup!

Integrations FAQs

Our full list of accounting integrations is here. Our full list of CRM & payment integrations is listed above. We regularly add new integrations though, so just drop us a line if your systems are not shown.

All of our integrations are designed to move in lock step with your core systems. Whenever possible, we use FX rates from your accounting or CRM system.

If these rates are not available, we will convert in accordance with IFRS best practice. ScaleXP supports every major global currency. See the full list of currencies here.

Our on-boarding only takes one hour. 

ScaleXP can fully automate over 100 metrics in the system. The system will recommend 10 based on your sector and stage of growth, you can extend this list to any others that are relevant to you.