ScaleXP source of truth integrations


ScaleXP integrates with all leading accounting and CRM systems to provide a single source of truth. Combine data across systems for an truly integrated view of the business. 


ScaleXP integrates with the many leading systems to give you a single source of truth. Combine your financial and CRM data to automate financial consolidation, revenue reporting, churn and many more!  

ScaleXP source of truth integrations

Financial integrations:

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CRM integrations:

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Automate MRR, ARR, and so much more!

Driving your operational efficiency and being able to make confident data-driven decisions is integral for the success of any business in today’s environment.

Which is why we automate all standard Finance metrics within our system. Deferred revenue, ARR, MRR, LTV, CAC and many more metrics are available in a matter of clicks. 

Pair the automated unit economics with our interactive data visualisation tools and your data is presented in sleek and smart dashboards, reports and presentations within minutes. 

Giving you more time to deliver actionable insights.

ScaleXP Net revenue, Cohort Analysis, CAC, LTC graphic

Data visualization.

Our data visualisation tools make understanding data more accessible, especially to those outside of the finance teams. Your data is presented on built-in dashboards with presentation templates to get you started. 

To add more interactive charts to your dashboards and presentations, simply drag and drop the charts onto the pages – just add your comments and present. 

Once shared,  your colleagues can select, highlight and isolate variables to drill down across the system, helping them make meaningful decisions. 

Your data is presented in a sleek, smart and presentable way saving you time and money.

Download Free ScaleXP Templates:

ScaleXP Boardpack presentations

Integrations FAQs

You can request more integrations with the systems you use. Please note that it may take a while.
Email us ->
The integrations can be as flexible as you like. We can import large amounts of data across your systems. For more details, please do get in touch with us. Email us ->
ScaleXP can fully automate over 100 metrics in the system. The system will recommend 10 based on your sector and stage of growth, you can extend this list to any others that are relevant to you.

We’ve done extensive research on the top 10 KPIs based on your sector and stage of growth. These metrics are provided through the onboarding process, updating the list is very simple. 

The system will recommend standard metrics which you can customise based on your business requirements. 

It only takes 1 hour for on-boarding and then you’re ready to get started with your ScaleXP journey.

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