Xero revenue recognition & financial reporting

Automate revenue recognition from invoices in Xero and seamlessly integrate Xero with sales data to streamline KPI tracking

Combine data from Xero with these systems

Xero and other systems - compressed

Xero CRM Integrations

Xero and Salesforce integration

Xero & Salesforce Integration

This powerful Xero CRM combination will allow you to get a comprehensive view of your data, both actuals and the sales pipeline, combining data from Xero and Salesforce automatically.

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Xero and HubSpot integration

Xero & HubSpot Integration

Through ScaleXP, HubSpot’s powerful marketing and CRM tools combine with Xero to present a single view of the customer, linking data from Xero and HubSpot to create an integrated view of your sales and customers.

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Revenue recognition with Xero

Xero deferred revenue

Xero deferred revenue

ScaleXP fully automates deferred revenue. Using a sophisticated series of text recognition algorithms, the system reads all of the text on every invoice.

Xero prepayments

Xero revenue recognition

A revenue recognition schedule is prepared for you, broken down by month, by account code and by customer. Journals are updated, ready for your review. Revenue schedules are fully compliant with ASC 606, easy to share or download.

Xero automated metrics

Automated revenue recognition schedules are the foundation of powerful KPIs, showing trends in customer buying behavior (upsells, downgrades, SaaS KPIs, unit economics & much more).

Streamline the month end process

ScaleXP clients complete month end 2 days faster.  

Deferred revenue and prepayment journals are prepared for you, eliminating the need to export transactions and track data in spreadsheets.  Deep links to Xero detect changes to bills, ensuring your revenue and prepayments schedules are always up to date.

Spend less time compiling data and more time moving your company forward. 

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Xero financial consolidation

Seamlessly combine data across entities, countries, and currencies. Instantly drill down to the invoice or entity level for full visibility and audit trail.

Reporting across entities is instant and easy, with the flexibility to use Xero tracking codes and merge data across entities. ScaleXP reporting is powerful and flexible, with automation built in whenever possible.

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Single source of truth

Actuals v. budget tracking made easy

Create financial reports by department, business unit or division. Track up to 20 budgets and forecasts. Easily move between them, comparing actuals to both budgets and latest forecast. Integrate tracking codes in your budget comparisons. ScaleXP will take your financial reporting to the next level.

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Budgets & forecast graphic

Xero dashboards for business impact

Provide the CEO and CFO the dashboards that they want. 

Xero dashboards

Use Xero data, combined with ScaleXP smart revenue recognition algorithms to provide an impressive array of dashboards for the CEO, CFO, even the sales team.

Xero dashboards for business impact

Getting a full summary of the performance of your data can take days to complete. 

Whatever your growth trajectory, ScaleXP is designed to play its part in assisting executive teams
in making the correct decisions for maximum success.  
Xero dashboards

Getting a full summary of the performance of your data can take days to complete.