HUBSPOT integration

Integrate HubSpot and accounting data

Fully integrate HubSpot and accounting data.  Click the logos below to read more. 

Close the month faster using automation

Reduce time spent manually tracking deferred revenue, income in advance and pre-paid expenses.  Eliminate tedious spreadsheet tracking and improve accuracy.

ScaleXP fully automates revenue recognition and prepayments using a sophisticated series of text recognition algorithms, which read and process all of the data and text on invoices. 

Read more about automating revenue recognition

Read more about automating prepayments

Stop revenue leakage & get paid faster

Create a single source of truth for metrics

Easily forecast revenue or MRR

ScaleXP builds a forecast directly from your accounting and CRM data

HubSpot + ScaleXP Delivers More

+ accounting data

+ accounting data

Fully integrate HubSpot and accounting data

Ensure all invoices are issued on time

In limited cases

Automatically track contract renewals  

In limited cases

Understand data using AI powered dashboards across integrated datasets 

Understand the highest growth customers, their channel, sector and geography

Automate business critical KPIs by fully integrated data sets

Automate sales forecasts