Renewal management

Never let a customer renewal slip through the cracks

Customer renewal management in ScaleXP

Contract renewals are notoriously difficult to track. With ScaleXP, you can say goodbye to messy spreadsheets and ensure your renewals are seamlessly managed in one fully integrated system.

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Customer renewal management in ScaleXP

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Proactively manage your renewals

Guarantee a smooth contract renewal process for your team and, perhaps more importantly, for your customers. With ScaleXP, you can easily confirm that all renewals are in process, well before the due date. 

Get the full overview of your renewals and other key data

Combining upsell, downgrades, and other contract changes can make it tricky for your customer success team to quickly understand full contract values that are due for renewal.

A laptop showing an invoice line description from ScaleXP

Automate your deferred revenue and accounting processes

A laptop showing an invoice line description from ScaleXP

Alongside customer renewals, ScaleXP is your all-in-one platform for smart finance automation, supporting a month end close that is up to 3 days faster.

With ScaleXP you can

Improve accuracy

Spreadsheet tracking is time-consuming, and mistakes are inevitable. 

ScaleXP has deep links with your accounting and CRM systems, ensuring that data is always in sync. Calculations are detailed, accurate and auditable, with built-in accuracy checks.

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Deliver more insights

Updating data each month is time-consuming, particularly with late changes to figures.

ScaleXP’s automated data sync frees up hours. Critical data, including customer retention and churn, is automated and ready for review.

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View consolidated SaaS metrics

Understanding SaaS metrics across business units, countries, and currencies is complex and just not possible in many systems. 

ScaleXP consolidates SaaS metrics, allowing you to see the results for the group and instantly drill down into each subsidiary.

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Deferred Revenue Automation Software, Deferred and Accrued Revenue, Deferred Revenue Journals
ScaleXP Smart Finance Automation, Including Deferred Revenue, Financial Consolidation, Budgets & Forcasts, SaaS Metrics, CFO Dashboards, Revenue Recognition, IFRS15 & ASC606 Compliant automated smart reports and dashboards
Deferred Revenue Automation Software, Deferred and Accrued Revenue, Deferred Revenue Journals

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Who uses ScaleXP?

Get real time access to your data, without waiting for spreadsheets to be updated. Review and share your data, creating impact across the company.

Close the month faster. Improve accuracy and create a strong platform for growth with robust and sustainable processes. 

Eliminate inevitable spreadsheet errors. Build confidence in your numbers with schedules that are easy for others to review and understand.