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2023 SaaS Benchmarks Series

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2023 SaaS Benchmarks Series

Welcome to the ultimate SaaS Benchmarks Series crafted specifically for SaaS CFOs! Our collection of 6 comprehensive blogs is designed to help you compare your company’s financial performance against industry standards and gain valuable insights into areas of improvement.

Navigate through each benchmark, uncover industry trends, and elevate your financial decision-making. Regardless of your company’s size or stage, our expertly authored articles offer tailored guidance to help you excel in today’s competitive SaaS landscape.

The 2022 SaaS Benchmarks Series:

This is the third of six articles on the latest SaaS Benchmarks, providing a global view of benchmarking data with insights from the USA and Europe.
This is the fifth article on SaaS benchmarks. In this article, we focus on R&D spend including tech headcount for SaaS companies at five stages in their growth journey, from Seed to Series D. The article will answer these questions:
This article on 2022 SaaS benchmarks focuses on ARR and ARR multiples, answering the following questions: What is ARR? What is an ARR valuation multiple and how is it calculated? How does ARR affect your company’s ability to secure funding?