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All of your
SaaS metrics automated, at last.

A laptop showing some of the key SaaS metrics that ScaleXP can report on.

Get real-time visibility of all B2B SaaS metrics, with complex calculations fully automated from your underlying data. Build investor confidence through comprehensive KPIs. And ensure that everyone in the company is using the same numbers. 

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A laptop showing some of the key SaaS metrics that ScaleXP can report on.

Calculate 40+ SaaS Metrics in real-time by connecting your data from the below & more. See all integrations.

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Track all of your
SaaS metrics

ScaleXP is a state-of-the-art finance automation platform for B2B SaaS finance teams. The system seamlessly joins data directly from your accounting and CRM systems and then uses a series of sophisticated algorithms to automate all SaaS metrics.

Boost investor confidence

A laptop showing how ScaleXP calculates CAC

Create a single source of truth across the company, ensuring everyone has the same numbers.

A laptop showing how ScaleXP calculates CAC
A laptop showing how ScaleXP displays MRR data

Get the
whole company view

A laptop showing how ScaleXP displays MRR data

Instantly consolidate SaaS metrics across countries and currencies.

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With ScaleXP you can

Improve accuracy

Spreadsheet tracking is time consuming, and the mistakes are inevitable. 

ScaleXP has deep links with the accounting and CRM systems, ensuring that data is always in sync. Calculations are detailed, accurate and even auditable, with built in accuracy checks.

Deliver more insights

Updating spreadsheets each month is time-consuming, particularly with late changes in numbers.

ScaleXP’s automated data sync frees up hours. Critical data, including customer retention and churn, is automated, ready for review.

View consolidated SaaS metrics

Understanding SaaS metrics across business units, countries and currencies is complex and just not possible in many systems. 

ScaleXP consolidates SaaS metrics, allowing you to see the results for the group and instantly drill down into each subsidiary.

Deferred Revenue Automation Software, Deferred and Accrued Revenue, Deferred Revenue Journals
ScaleXP Smart Finance Automation, Including Deferred Revenue, Financial Consolidation, Budgets & Forcasts, SaaS Metrics, CFO Dashboards, Revenue Recognition, IFRS15 & ASC606 Compliant automated smart reports and dashboards
Deferred Revenue Automation Software, Deferred and Accrued Revenue, Deferred Revenue Journals

What our customers say

Who uses ScaleXP?

Save 3+ days per month by moving by using smart automation. Help your company create a single source of truth, grounded in financial data.

Preparing for investment is daunting. ScaleXP ensures that your data is in line with industry best practice and available at your fingertips. And if investors throw you a new definition, the system will calculate the metric for you, using your own data.

Ensure that you have full access to data and calculations from day one. Update metrics in a few clicks, viewing historical and current performance. Build spreadsheets in ScaleXP, preloaded with both accounting and CRM data.

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A visual showing ScaleXP's integrations, including QuickBooks, Sage, Zoho and Hubspot

Metrics FAQs

Yes, you can use the system without a sales or CRM connection. Definitions and metrics will be automated using information from your accounting platform. 

Yes, recurring and one-off revenue is tagged in the system, making it easy to exclude non-recurring revenue from your MRR calculations, including setup fees or professional services charges. 

Metric definitions can be easily updated to your investors’ requirements. Common definitions are already pre-loaded in the system. Modifications and updated can be done in a few clicks, using any data in your accounting or CRM system.

You can customise all metrics based on your business requirements. Any data imported into the system can be included in the metrics definitions, including specific accounting nominal codes or even a specific stage in the sales funnel. Once customised, metrics are automatically calculated for you each month.