Automate your SaaS metrics from MRR to customer churn

Comprehensive metrics, tailored to your business

All standard SAAS metrics can be fully automated in ScaleXP, using your accounting data combined with our smart algorithms and data tagging.

Each metric is predefined based on an industry standard definition, making it quick to get started. Definitions can be tailored to your company in a few simple clicks, using any data field in the system.

All major SAAS KPIs can be automated: ARR, MRR, acquisition costs, lifetime value, gross and net revenue retention.

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A smart system to streamline SaaS financial reporting

The ScaleXP platform is built on a series of sophisticated algorithms which calculate MRR by reading and processing all of the data and text on your invoices.  The resulting information is easy to query, allowing instant drill down to detail by customer, invoice, month, all in a few simple clicks.  

Data is compiled using technology, rather than manual entry, ensuring that the system is highly accurate and always up to date.

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Benefits of automating financial consolidation

KPIs built on financial data

Accounting data forms the heart of SAAS metrics and KPIs, making it easy to reconcile any number.

Instant drill down links to your accounting system, ensuring data is always up to date.

Improved accuracy

KPIs always reflect the latest financial data, even late adjustments.

Data can be shared across teams in a click, ensuring all metrics are in line with your financial results.

Single source of truth

Integrated data sources mean all teams review the same metric calculations, with the same source data. 

Presentations to engage

Presentation templates display data in beautiful graphs and charts.

Extend presentations in a few clicks, add your brand colours, and impress your colleagues with impactful presentations.

All your SaaS KPIs from integrated data

ScaleXP imports and integrates data from across your systems using a comprehensive set of system APIs, creating a fuller and more accurate picture of your business.


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Effortless SaaS Metrics

‘Thanks to ScaleXP we’re now producing more insights, faster and with greater accuracy.’

Metrics FAQs

CAC is an acronym for customer acquisition cost.  It is the true cost incurred to acquire a new customer.  CAC is common in many industries, particularly SAAS companies.   It can also be called CCA, or the cost of customer acquisition. Read more ->

MRR stands for Monthly Recurring Revenue.  It is the most important indicator of revenue for SAAS or any subscription based business as it provides a forward view of revenue.

Annual Recurring Revenue or Annual Run Rate (ARR) is the annualised version of Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR).   ARR projects yearly revenue generated from subscriptions and other cyclical or recurring income streams.

ScaleXP can fully automate over 100 metrics in the system. The system will recommend 10 based on your sector and stage of growth;  you can extend this list to any others that are relevant to you.

We’ve done extensive research on the top 10 KPIs based on your sector and stage of growth. These are calculated automatically and reported upon as soon as you complete your onboarding. You can also immediately add or change metrics to create your own dashboards and reports.

You can customise the metrics based on your own requirements and ways of working. The system allows you to create your own calculations using data integrated from multiple data sources. Once customized, these update automatically throughout the system.