SaaS metrics

Streamline your reporting process by automating your metrics with ScaleXP.

Streamline your reporting process by automating your metrics with ScaleXP.

Automatically calculate metrics in ScaleXP


All standard SaaS and B2B metrics are automated within our platform.

ScaleXP takes the fuss out of automating your metrics, our system fully automates over 100 KPIs. The system recommends 10 metrics that your company should be tracking based on your company size, funding stage and industry type. By automating your metrics, you will be able to uncover numerous insights monthly, quarterly and annually with minimal effort.

With this data you can segment your data easily. By viewing, isolating and hiding data variables that you do not want to see. Engage with our interactive dashboards, reports and presentations. As well as monitor your customer engagement (Active customers vs. MRR from active customers).


How to automate metrics like CAC, LTV, MRR, ARR

These KPIs are provided through the onboarding process which you can easily extend by selecting any more metrics that you would like to track. You’re also given the flexibility to customize your own metrics based on your business needs. All you need to do is book a demo with us, and we’ll handle the rest from there. 

Our most popular metrics are:

Customer Acquisition Cost

Monthly Recurring Revenue

Annual Recurring Revenue

Cash Burn & Working Capital Use

Customer Lifetime Value

Gross Margin & Gross Margin %

Track costs v. forecast

Customer Churn & Logo Churn

Revenue per Active Customer

The benefits of automating metrics with ScaleXP

As your company grows, the complexity of billing arrangements, invoicing and revenue reporting can quickly escalate with different terms by client or contract. This can become more complex when you factor in different billing periods for hardware, software or specific services.

Using ScaleXP to automate your metrics makes financial reporting effortless from revenue recognition, deferred revenue, P&L and many more. The system also tracks revenue retention, churn and cohorts to help you build and improve your retention plans.

Automating your metrics can make the difference between securing your next funding round, being in a position to grow and being stagnant as a company. 

By automating your metrics with ScaleXP, you will:

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Improve transparency

Improve transparency, traceability with clear audit trails. 

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Real time view

Gain a real time view of your KPIs, share and export within minutes, giving more time to make strategic decisions to accelerate your growth. 

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Streamline reporting

Eliminate the time wasted on manually importing and sorting data and streamline your financial reporting

Accurate reports

Consistently deliver reports that are accurate across countries and currencies. 

How can I automate financial metrics and KPIs with Xero, QuickBooks or Sage?

Our platform brings together and combines data from the following accounting systems:

How can I automate financial metrics and KPIs with Xero, QuickBooks or Sage?

Our platform brings together and combines data from the following accounting systems:

At ScaleXP, we believe that data should be easy to understand and work with. Which is why we provide you with tools like dashboards and reports based on each metric and KPI that you’re tracking.

Data is presented in a clear and concise layout in our platform. With ready to use presentation templates, that display the graphs and charts in real time. 

Don’t see your system?

View the full financial integrations list here ->

How can I automate sales metrics and KPIs with Hubspot or Salesforce?

Our platform brings together and combines data from the following CRM systems:

Combine your financial and sales systems within ScaleXP for a cross-department view of your data.

Our data visualization tools simplify your reporting process and enable collaboration across teams. There’s no more procrastination when it comes to compiling dashboards and preparing presentations. From sales vs. targets, revenue reports and many more – ScaleXP is your all-in-one solution for business data analytics.

Metrics FAQs

CAC is an acronym for customer acquisition cost.  It is the true cost incurred to acquire a new customer.  CAC is common in many industries, particularly SAAS companies.   It can also be called CCA, or the cost of customer acquisition. Read more ->

MRR stands for Monthly Recurring Revenue.  It is the most important indicator of revenue for SAAS or any subscription based business as it provides a forward view of revenue.

Annual Recurring Revenue or Annual Run Rate (ARR) is the annualised version of Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR).   ARR projects yearly revenue generated from subscriptions and other cyclical or recurring income streams.

ScaleXP can fully automate over 100 metrics in the system. The system will recommend 10 based on your sector and stage of growth;  you can extend this list to any others that are relevant to you.

We’ve done extensive research on the top 10 KPIs based on your sector and stage of growth. These are calculated automatically and reported upon as soon as you complete your onboarding. You can also immediately add or change metrics to create your own dashboards and reports.

You can customise the metrics based on your own requirements and ways of working. The system allows you to create your own calculations using data integrated from multiple data sources. Once customized, these update automatically throughout the system.