Metric & KPI tracking

for ambitious high-growth companies

Grow Faster

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We provide tools to drive faster growth through automated, insight driven reports, saving hours for the senior team.

Dashboards show the full picture

Our platform connects directly to the financial and sales systems, pulling in data, quickly and easily. Reports are accurate, detailed and updated in seconds.

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Data is in the cloud. Our platform makes it accessible to you

Our systems import and join disparate data in order to create the important and meaningful insights, highlighting growth trajectories as well as potential impediments.

Increase customer engagement

All reports and dashboards in the ScaleXP platform are interactive, making it easy for outsourced Finance Directors and accounting teams to provide your most discerning clients with dynamic dashboards.

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Comprehensive KPI tracking: fully automated

Our system tracks 100+ metrics and KPIs. It recommends the most relevant for your business, based on the sector and stage of growth. You can always veto the suggestions or select additional metrics, guaranteeing a meaningful data set while providing full flexibility for your specific requirements.

Facilitates growth

All KPIs are fully automated, even the really pesky ones like Cost of Customer Acquisition, Customer Lifetime Value, allowing you and your team to ditch the spreadsheets and spend more time growing the business.
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Designed to save you time

Everyone has loads of data – which is hard to find, compare and action. Our system is designed to show you all of the critical metrics, instantly, allowing you to focus on what really matters – driving growth. More growth and faster growth.