ScaleXP & Pipedrive

Seamlessly integrate Pipedrive & your accounting data, creating a single source of truth

Pipedrive connecting to accounting systems

Combine Pipedrive with your accounting data

pipedrive integrations

Pipedrive + Xero Integration

Use Xero and Pipedrive to create a single view of the customer, showing actual sales over time.  Track upgrades, downgrades and renewals, using ScaleXP’s automated tagging algorithms. Create a simple sales forecast integrating Xero and Pipedrive data in a few clicks.

Pipedrive + QuickBooks Integration

Use QuickBooks and Pipedrive data to create a single view of the customer.  Track and share revenue per customer, upgrades, downgrades and renewals using ScaleXP’s automated tagging algorithms. Create a simple sales forecast integrating QuickBooks and Pipedrive data in seconds.

Revenue recognition & invoicing with Pipedrive

Annual recurring revenue formula

Pipedrive invoice tracking

Ensure that all deals closed in Pipedrive are invoiced promptly, without the need to dig through the CRM system or wait for messages from the sales team. The ‘Booked vs Billed’ report shows all deals closed in Pipedrive. It then combines data from your accounting system to determine if any invoices are outstanding, highlighting those that still need to be sent. It is a simple and handy way for finance teams to stay on top of invoicing.

Annual recurring revenue formula

Pipedrive deferred revenue recognition

Eliminate the need to create revenue recognition spreadsheets, tracking each invoice, deal and credit note in complex spreadsheets.

ScaleXP fully automates revenue recognition, with no manual entry using sophisticated text recognition algorithms. All invoices are imported from your accounting system. The system then reads the data and text on each invoice, spreading revenue over the relevant months.

CAC Payback graph

Pipedrive secured revenue

Understand and track future revenue, customer by customer.

Schedules showing secured revenue, up to 24 months in the future, are available in ScaleXP and provide the most accurate view of future revenue. This data, combined with your Pipedrive forecast, provides an accurate and continuous view of future revenue.

Track all your SaaS metrics

SaaS KPI tracking does not need to be complex.  MRR, ARR, acquisition costs and lifetime value can be automated, saving hours each month.

Data sets built from Pipedrive, Xero, QuickBooks (and other accounting systems) are used to build and then automate your SaaS metrics.

Automated SaaS metrics create a single source of truth, helping finance and commercial teams align quickly and ensure that everyone has access to the latest figures.

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KPI and single source of truth

Track sales performance vs targets – in a click

Tracking actual performance v. sales targets is simple in ScaleXP, even if you have multiple sets of forecasts or teams spread across several countries.

The system allows you to load and track a comprehensive range of targets including deals closed won, deal win rate, even conversion through the sales pipeline.  Forecasts and targets can be tracked at a consolidated level or for each individual country or team.

Multiple targets can be integrated into any report, making comparisons to both budget and latest forecasts simple.  Moving between different sets of targets is as simple as a click.

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Performance vs. targets