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Nomadic started using the ScaleXP revenue recognition functionality in early 2023. They then expanded to financial consolidation, SaaS metric reporting, sales pipeline tracking, and cost management.

We save 4 days each month through ScaleXP. I simply would not be able to deliver as much to the business without it.
Head of Finance & People

About Nomadic

Nomadic academies help organisations like PepsiCo, Citi, and Accenture use learning to accelerate growth, drive transformation, and better serve their employees, their customers, and the world. The compnay is fully remote with emplyees based in New York, London, Milan, and Paris.


Struggling with inefficient processes and disparate tools, Nomadic turned to ScaleXP for efficiency and insight.

Initially seeking a tool to support revenue recognition in Xero, ScaleXP now sits at the heart of their finance function, used consolidated financial reporting, tracking key metrics, tracking the revneue pipeline from Hubspot, and better management of expenses.

Key Details
Company: Nomadic Learning
Industry: Software as a Service, providing education
Location: UK and US


  • Time consuming revenue recognition process in Xero
  • Clunky process around consolidation of international entities
  • Difficult to get real time analytics and issight to potential investors
  • Small, lean team not having time to get insights from data
Revenue recognition is automated

How does Nomadic use ScaleXP?

Transitioning Nomadic to the ScaleXP platform has been a truly transformative process. The platform is an absolute game changer, with easy to use tools and features that solve complex and otherwise time intensive problems.

Using ScaleXP has created tremendous value for Nomadic; by offering increased transparency and insights into the financial health of our business, to process efficiencies that will lead to significant long term productivity gains for our teams. 

Has the use case extended over time?

Nomadic turned to ScaleXP to help with our revenue recognition process but ScaleXP has become so much more.  It now sits at the core of our finance function; used for dynamic and informed consolidated financial reporting, tracking of key metrics (that used to be unattainable for Nomadic to produce) now at the touch of a button, and more recently as the hub for managing things like revenue pipeline tracking through integrations with HubSpot and better management of expenses.  ScaleXP is routinely improving upon and expanding on its product features and services.  The monthly product feature enhancements consistently demonstrate more and more value to Nomadic.  

What features do you value most?

The revenue recognition tracking deferred revenue journal link to Xero, with customer and invoice level detail, is outstanding.  It has given us a better understanding of our relationships with our customers and the ability to be more strategic in how we identify opportunities for growth.  The journal link to Xero has saved countless hours and drastically reduced the risk of human data entry error.

How much time has Nomadic saved with ScaleXP?

AT a minimum 4 days per more on the month end close.  But truly a countless number of hours when it comes to daily business health assessments and being able to access dynamic and bespoke financial and data analytics. 

Game chanager with amazing customer support! We are using ScaleXP to untangle a number of complexities in our business model. ScaleXP is giving us the agility we need to make business decisions in a more informed way and at a faster pace than we've even been able to before. The client support team has been exceptional in digging into our needs and ensuring the platform is delivering!.


Head of Finance & People