Empathic Technology Case Study

Investor & board reporting made easy

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About Empathic Technology

Empathic Technology is a venture capital funded business that has received $3 million in funding. The team is small and working to bring an innovative new wearable technology to market.

Their investors are located in the UK, Israel and the USA.

Before ScaleXP

Investor and board reporting was time-consuming and tedious. 

✖ Different investors want slight variants of similar information. Board reports were meant to be simple but took days to prepare, always longer than expected!

✖ Data was disjointed, with each team cutting and pasting in their own charts. 

✖ Integrating data across their UK and USA businesses was complicated. 

✖ Empathic Technology’s board decks and investor reports are not complex. The same information is reported each month, with just one or two additional topics.

✖ The team and founders were frustrated by the tedious manual process. 

After ScaleXP

Empathic Technology prepares investor reports and board packs in a few clicks. 

✔ Investor reports – Standard quarterly investor reports are prepared in about 10 minutes. Board packs are finished in less than an hour.

✔ Built-in presentation templates – Template presentations form the foundation of all of their reporting. Graphs and reports can be added with drag and drop.

✔ Sharing data across teams – The template and presentations are collaborative, allowing the team to work on one document, using the same source data.

✔ For Empathic Technology, as a venture capital funded business, ScaleXP has provided a pragmatic solution to streamline and simplify investor and board reporting.  

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Save hours on reporting

ScaleXP has given us hugely improved visibility on what is happening in the business and saves hours every month on reporting.

– Jack Hooper, COO at Empathic Technologies