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Deliver higher ROI to your clients

ScaleXP is an award winning finance and accounting automation platform

It bolts together Hubspot and all major accounting systems. Finance teams save up to 5 days per month by automating routine processes through the AI and machine learning algorithms.

Close prospects faster - with the finance teams onboard

Selling ScaleXP + Hubspot makes it easier to close prospects by:

HubSpot + ScaleXP creates value for existing clients

Hubspot + ScaleXP Delivers More

+ accounting data

+ accounting data

Fully integrate Hubspot and accounting data

Ensure marketing teams can access and understand campaign spend

Ensure all invoices are issued on time

In limited cases

Automatically track contract renewals  

In limited cases

Understand data using AI powered dashboards across integrated datasets 

Understand the highest growth customers, their channel, sector and geography

Automate business critical KPIs by fully integrated data sets

Selling Hubspot + ScaleXP is easy

1. Keep your current sale process

You notify us when a client can benefit from ScaleXP. We join your sales process, building buy-in with the finance team.

2. Setting up ScaleXP is simple

Setting up ScaleXP is simple. In most cases, the configuration and setup process takes 3 - 6 hours, ensuring that the core focus remains on Hubspot.

3. ScaleXP pays generous commission

ScaleXP pays 20% commission for 3 years on each new install. Commissions are available for approved resellers, from install 2.

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With a monthly subscription priced from £350pm, finance teams love ScaleXP

ScaleXP creates immediate value for finance teams. They:

ScaleXP is an award winning finance app, with a straight 5 star rating from Finance Directors


Understand data using AI powered dashboards across integrated datasets 

Martin Allen

Finance Director, Moot Technology


ScaleXP has transformed our reporting process. We linked Xero, our budgets and HubSpot into ScaleXP...It now pulls information seamlessly and builds our branded SaaS reports.

Chris Hardy

Finance Director, Interrodata


ScaleXP is the best product that I have come across in the market. The ability to tailor reporting easily is unique at this price point.

Hamish Badenoch

Chief Financial Officer, Elemental Concept

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