Image showing how Quickbooks and Pipedrive can be integrated through ScaleXP

QuickBooks & Pipedrive Integration

Seamlessly combine data from Pipedrive with Quickbooks to make better decisions.

Smarter reporting

ScaleXP is an easy-to-use powerful solution, designed for B2B finance teams, providing everything you need to seamlessly integrate QuickBooks & Pipedrive.

The system will track deals through the sales funnel, highlighting when deals are ‘closed won’, indicating that it is time to prepare the invoice.

Sales funnel and time to convert metrics can be included in forecasts, easily.

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Benefits of integrating QuickBooks & Pipedrive data

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Monitor sales pipeline

Monitor your Pipedrive pipeline over time to understand trends and issues.  Track the number and value of deals, conversion between stages and closure rates.  Understand where performance is improving and where to take action. 

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Booked vs. billed in a click

Ensure all invoices have been issued using our booked vs. billed report, which provides a list of deals won in Pipedrive and invoices issued in QuickBooks – making it easy to check that every invoice is issued and all amounts are correct. Review the report weekly or monthly to ensure your invoicing is always up to date.


Track actuals v. targets, or forecast

Easily track actual sales performance compared to a forecast.  Tracking can be across a wide variety of metrics including the number and size of deals in the pipeline, conversion rates, average time to convert or value of deals closed. This data makes it easy to track performance and highlight issues.

Revenue recognition streamlined

ScaleXP streamlines all parts of revenue recognition, starting with deals won in Pipedrive.

After an invoice has been issued, the system will use a sophisticated series of text recognition algorithms to allocate revenue by month, using all of the data and text on the invoice.

Manual tracking is reduced, and you have an accurate, real time view of revenue. The system can even prepare deferred revenue journals for entry in QuickBooks.

Read more about revenue recognition ->

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Subscription & SaaS metrics made easy with QuickBooks & Pipedrive

Pipedrive funnel and conversion data can be combined seamlessly with QuickBooks to automate subscription business critical KPIs. ARR, MRR, lifetime value and more can be fully automated using the integrated QuickBooks and Pipedrive data.

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KPI and single source of truth

QuickBooks & Pipedrive Integration FAQs

Onboarding takes just 1 hour and is done over Zoom, ensuring that you are set up and ready to go quickly. Getting started is easy. Book an onboarding session now.

Yes, of course. ScaleXP allows you to track up to multiple CRM funnels, across new sales and customer renewals. All conversion statistics are provided by funnel or across all. 

Yes, of course. Targets are budgets are loaded directly into ScaleXP. For single organisations, you can track up to six forecasts. Read more about our budget & forecast tracking here ->

Invoices in foreign currencies can easily be tracked in ScaleXP. To learn more, read our revenue recognition page here ->

ScaleXP imports data from QuickBooks & Pipedrive every morning by default. If you need to ensure that the data is accurate up-to-the-minute, you can always use our ‘Sync Now’ functionality. Whatever your requirements, the system can ensure your data is accurate.