Revenue Recognition + SaaS metrics, fully automated

Tired of spending hours tracking revenue recognition and Saas metrics in spreadsheets?

With ScaleXP, you can:

SaaS metrics

SaaS companies:  Automate revenue recognition with direct data feeds from your current systems: 

Put revenue recognition on auto-pilot

A laptop showing charts of data, and the different accounting and payments systems that can integrate with ScaleXP - Stripe, Xero, QuickBooks, Sage, and Microsoft Dynamics.

Automate revenue recognition, using nothing more than the invoices sent to customers.

ScaleXP uses sophisticated Ai algorithms to read and process all data and text on your invoices, preparing revenue recognition schedules for you. All words and date formats are recognised, completely eliminating the need for spreadsheet tracking and ensuring that your schedules are always up to date. 

Revenue recognition is automated

Automate all yourSaaS metrics

Get real-time visibility of all B2B SaaS metrics, fully automated from your underlying data.

Boost investor confidence

A laptop showing how ScaleXP calculates CAC

Are you frustrated by the endless list of SaaS KPIs mentioned by investors?

ScaleXP provides a simple solution to ensure that all SaaS metrics are at your fingertips.  30+ metrics are tracked by the system, built on industry standard definitions, which can be easily customised to your business. ScaleXP makes it easy to track all definitions which amtter to investors.

A laptop showing how ScaleXP calculates CAC
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Create a single source of truth across teams

Stop chasing your tail trying to ensure that all teams have the latest version of the numbers.

With ScaleXP, you can easily create a single source of truth, ensuring that all teams are working from the same data and SaaS metric calculations. 

In this short video, Nick Burne, CEO of GivePanel, explains ScaleXP has transformed his access to data. 

Automate revenue recognition from accounting data

Xero Revenue Recognition

ScaleXP is a certified Xero partner. The system automatically imports and processes new invoices and invoice modifications, ensuring 100% accuracy between the systems.

QuickBooks Revenue Recognition

ScaleXP is a certified QuickBooks partner. The system imports all invoices and is even clever enough to detect when an invoice has been modified, ensuring the systems are always aligned.

Zoho Revenue Recognition

ScaleXP fully integrates with Zoho Books, importing data which can be used in your your SaaS metric calculations and fully automating revenue recognition.

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Revenue Recognition + SaaS metrics

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