Importance of CRM Data 

for Finance Teams

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ScaleXP is an approve app provider for all major accounting & CRM systems

ScaleXP is an award winning finance and accounting automation platform

It bolts together Hubspot and all major accounting systems. Finance teams save up to 5 days per month by automating routine processes through the AI and machine learning algorithms.
illustration of ScaleXP reporting dashboard linking to Xero, QuickBooks, ZohoBooks and Hubspot

ScaleXP Delivers More

CRM + accounting data only

+ CRM + accounting data

Fully integrate Hubspot and accounting data

Ensure marketing teams can access and understand campaign spend

Ensure all invoices are issued on time

In limited cases

Automatically track contract renewals  

In limited cases

Understand data using AI powered dashboards across integrated datasets 

Understand the highest growth customers, their channel, sector and geography

Automate business critical KPIs by fully integrated data sets

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Join Cue Technology & hundreds of other companies saving days each month

Cue Technology uses ScaleXP to automate revenue recognition and all their SaaS reporting, saving 5 days each month, reducing routine reporting and empowering finance teams with data driven insights.

Up to 5 days

saved each month


Invoices processed


Revenue rec fully automated

Move your finance team from routine processing to powerful business partner

Reduce monotonous data processing

Use technology to automate deferred revenue and prepayments, finishing these tasks in just a few clicks.

Improve accuracy & build confidence in your data

Eliminate inevitable spreadsheet errors. Ensure your calculations always reflect the latest numbers.

Empower the business with financial data

Create compelling business insights. Easily build and share ai-powered dashboards and impressive presentations.