Accrued income

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How can I improve revenue recognition?

For companies which issue annual or quarterly invoices, revenue recognition can be complex.  Finance teams typically build large complex spreadsheets to track each invoice and each line within an invoice. 

These spreadsheets quickly become unwieldy.  Contract terms are changed.  Credit notes are issued.  Free or discounted products are added or removed.  Tracking these items manually can require days per month.

Even for the best finance teams, spreadsheet errors are inevitable, and it is impossible to share a live view of revenue with the business.  

And then there’s the audit, which requires checking and confirming each line in the spreadsheet, another laborious process during a hugely busy period.

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How ScaleXP streamlines deferred and accrued income?

ScaleXP streamlines deferred revenue and accrued income recognition.   The system reads the details on each invoice and automatically spreads the revenue over the relevant time.  Revenue is allocated correctly to the day.  The system is able to do this by importing the full text on each invoice from your accounting system, with no need to retype.  Through a series of complex natural language algorithms, revenue is categorised by month and then by dayAll calculations are fully compliant with IFRS, GAAP, including IFRS 15 and ASC 606. Read more about our integrations here ->

Why is ScaleXP the best solution for accrued income?

ScaleXP provides a real time view of revenue creating a host of benefits:

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Close up to 2 days faster. 

Our customers save 2 days per month as complex accrued and deferred revenue spreadsheets are no longer required. Read the case study here ->

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ScaleXP ensures that finance is always in control of revenue data.

ScaleXP provides a continuous accurate view of revenue, eliminating the need to wait for spreadsheets to be updated and journals to be entered. 

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Tracking actuals v. budget or latest forecast becomes so easy.

Budgets and forecasts can be tracked in ScaleXP, either through a direct feed from your accounting system or through an Excel upload to the system.  Up to 10 forecasts can be tracked and moving seamlessly between them is as simple as a click.   

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ScaleXP is set up in just one hour.

At the end of the hour, your annual invoices and quarterly invoices will be fully spread my month.  Book a demo ->

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Can I automate accrued revenue with Xero, QuickBooks or Sage?

ScaleXP seamlessly combines data from accounting platforms like Xero, QuickBooks, Sage and many more. See the full list here ->
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Can I calculate accrued income with other currencies?

The system works across currencies and countries.

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What if I issue a credit note?

The ScaleXP system will recognise and spread revenue from invoices and credit notes.  It automatically detects modifications to invoices and adjusts the allocation of revenue when required.

Close faster and improve revenue recognition accuracy with ScaleXP

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Accrued income FAQs

Accrued income, or accrued revenue, is revenue which has been invoiced but not yet ‘earned’, for example an annual invoice sent at the start of the year. 

Accurate revenue recognition for accrued and deferred income is essential for performance analysis and forecasting, but many organisations still rely on spreadsheets and time consuming manual processes for deferred and accrued revenue recognition. ScaleXP offers a cost effective alternative.


Accrued income is revenue invoiced but not yet earned, such as when an invoice is issued at the start of a contract.

Deferred income is the opposite, when an invoice is sent at the end of the contract.

Accrued income can also be called accrued revenue.  Deferred income can also be called deferred revenue.

Read our case study here ->