ScaleXP + NetSuite

ScaleXP takes NetSuite data to the next level, enabling it to be used across the business.

Consolidated and international consolidation reports in ScaleXP

International consolidation

International consolidation across countries and currencies.

Automated reports and KPIs in ScaleXP graphic

Automated NetSuite financial reporting

Fully automated deferred revenue calculations for subscription revenue companies with quarterly or annual invoices, making your MRR, ARR so simple to calculate.

Top 10 KPIs dashboard

Sector-wise KPIs

Highlighting the critical KPIs for your business based on its sector and stage of growth.

Boardpack presentations

Templated presentations

Templated financial result presentations for internal briefings and external board meetings.

Concierge onboarding for all customers.

At ScaleXP, all of our new customers get a concierge onboarding, done in person, over Zoom.

Onboarding takes 1 hour, and at the end of this session, you and your team will be up and running.

Say goodbye to hours, or even weeks of configuration and setup!

ScaleXP Onboarding call

Combine data from NetSuite with
these systems.

ScaleXP and NetSuite integrations combinations, ScaleXP APIs

Your NetSuite data can be combined with data
from any of the systems above.

Here are a few examples of the power of connectivity:

NetSuite + Hubspot Integration

Hubspot’s powerful marketing & CRM tools, combine with NetSuite to present a single view of the customer.

ScaleXP, NetSuite & Hubspot integration

NetSuite + Xero Integration

This powerful combination will allow you to get a comprehensive view of your data, both actuals and the sales pipeline.

ScaleXP, NetSuite & Xero integration

NetSuite Deferred Revenue

ScaleXP automates revenue recognition in NetSuite. Invoices are imported from NetSuite, and revenue is recognised in the correct month. Invoice modifications are detected, and credit notes are processed in the same way. 

ScaleXP makes NetSuite revenue recognition super accurate and quick.

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ScaleXP Consolidated reports, switch currencies, share reports options

NetSuite consolidated reporting

Do you have multiple accounting systems, which take time to consolidate?

  • ScaleXP removes this headache, allowing you to quickly combine data, with 100% accuracy.
  • Combine data from Xero, Quickbooks, Netvisor, Sage Cloud in minutes.
  • Convert currencies using automated FX rates.

ScaleXP makes NetSuite consolidation super accurate and quick.

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ScaleXP Consolidated reports, switch currencies, share reports options

Supercharge your systems.

Whatever your growth trajectory, ScaleXP is designed to play its part in assisting executive teams in making the correct decisions for maximum success:

Understand the right metrics for your business.


Ask the right questions to your teams – by instantly clicking into calculations.


Maximise sales by spotting when deals are languishing in the sales funnel.

ScaleXP arrow location

Spend less time compiling data and more time moving your company forward.

ScaleXP Bar chart

Manage your board meetings flawlessly using our template presentations.