ScaleXP vs Maxio: Full Product Comparison

ScaleXP provides automated SaaS reporting without a long, complicated set-up process, high price tag, and clunky reporting.

ScaleXP is the top alternative to Maxio for comprehensive yet simple automation of SME contract management

Compared to Maxio, only ScaleXP provides rapid deployment via an intuitive user interface while simultaneously providing value for money and coverage across countries and currencies.

Compare ScaleXP versus Maxio to help choose the best finance automation service for your business. Learn about their features in our full product comparison.

ScaleXP compared to Maxio

What is ScaleXP?

ScaleXP is a specialist finance automation platform for SMEs.  ScaleXP’s features include revenue and expense recognition, contract renewals tracking and sales forecasting.  

ScaleXP works alongside your existing accounting and CRM platform.  The system imports all invoices and uses a series of machine learning algorithms to read and process text. This ensures that the onboarding and setup process is quick and easy. 

ScaleXP provides smart integration with accounting and CRM systems which easily automate and visualise SaaS and subscription metrics including churn, customer growth, payback on customer acquisition cost, and customer lifetime value as well as financial reporting and contract management, all in one easy to use package.

What is Maxio?

Maxio, formed in 2022 from the merger of SaaSOptics and Chargify, focuses on contract management for subscription companies.  Maxio is a specialist in financial and operational revenue management for subscription and SaaS businesses with features including revenue and expense recognition, billing and subscription management.   

Maxio provides a range of integrations for managing billing and revenue recognition, but it is complicated to use and configure.  There is a steep learning curve and onboarding can take up to 6 months. Many users find its reporting confusing and the user interface is not intuitive. 

Maxio is one of the most expensive revenue management solutions on the market, with numerous add-on and transaction charges.

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ScaleXP provides instant metrics and contract management across countries and currencies

ScaleXP provides the benefits of Maxio with less time and cost investment, greater flexibility, and full integration with your financials, saving you time and money for clearer insight.

Contract management including renewals

Revenue recognition automation

Fully synced with Xero or QuickBooks, including invoices, journals and Stripe integration

Automation of SaaS metrics including MRR and ARR

Automation of SaaS metrics across countries currencies and consolidated entities

CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) built up from accounting data across entities

Flexible reporting including presentations downloadable to PowerPoint or Google Slides

Quick & easy setup, typically finished in less than 2 weeks.

Typical price point

£10,000/ year


ScaleXP integrates with Xero, QuickBooks, HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive

Difference #1

Automation of SaaS metrics across countries and currencies

ScaleXP provides 40+ automated SaaS metrics, integrating data across currencies and accounting systems to provide real time customisable analytics within an hour of connecting to the system.

Difference #2

Fully synced with your accounting system

ScaleXP syncs in real time with your accounting system, providing a single source of truth for all your financial information. Seamlessly link financials with subscription management including Stripe, Xero and QuickBooks invoicing, contract renewal reporting, and automated revenue recognition.

Difference #3

Customised analytics available quickly and at low cost

ScaleXP provides fully automated metrics quickly, generally within 2 weeks after connecting. Reports are available instantly in multiple formats from charts and graphs to downloadable Excel reports to PowerPoint presentations. Customer support is readily available for those who prefer a more personal experience, all at a fraction of the cost of Maxio.

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