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Nourish started using the ScaleXP revenue recognition, SaaS metrics and consolidation functionality in late 2022 to enable them to speed up production of monthly board packs and performance analysis.

We have been able to significantly reduce the time to prepare our monthly reporting packs.
John Billington
Chief Financial Officer

About Nourish

Nourish provides a digital solution for the recording, reporting and co-ordinating of care services. Nourish serves more than 3,500 providers of residential care as well as over 2,000 providers of home care, following the acquisition of CarePlanner in September 2023.


Nourish initially started using ScaleXP for revenue recognition, SaaS metrics and board packs in its main UK entity, When they later acquired CarePlanner, a Xero user, ScaleXP made it super easy to instantly view their ARR bridge and other key SaaS metrics across both entities and to produce consolidated board packs with all the information.

Key Details
Company: Nourish Care
Industry: Software as a Service, for care providers
Location: UK


  • Difficult and time consuming to track deferred revenue in QuickBooks and in Xero
  • Tricky to analyse SaaS metrics across two main operating entities, each using a different accounting system
  • Slow to convert accounting data into SaaS metrics and board packs

Problem: Difficult to get correct revenue recognition in Xero and QuickBooks

Solution: Revenue Recognition

“ScaleXP has enabled us to streamline reporting and get up-to-date visibility of our organisation without the need for multiple downloads and consolidations in Excel. We have been able to significantly reduce the time to prepare our monthly reporting packs consolidating 6 business entities, feeding into a group board pack at the click of a button with 100% accuracy.

We have a real time view of our ARR bridge, enabling us to get to SaaS metrics quickly and also sanity check that invoicing aligns with contracts to prevent revenue leakage.”

Problem: SaaS metrics across different accounting platforms

Consolidated SaaS metrics

“We have UK businesses runniing in both Xero and QuickBooks and needed a tool to provide real time SaaS metrics across both.

The system was easy and quick to set up, especially versus other systems I have previously used.  I would definitely recommend ScaleXP to any business for their reporting needs.”