ScaleXP vs Maxio

Easily track SaaS metrics across countries and currencies.
Onboard & get fully set up in just 2 weeks. Save time & money.

#1 Alternative To Maxio

ScaleXP matches the functionality of Maxio, providing B2B SaaS companies with automated revenue recognition, contract management, and renewal tracking.

With ScaleXP, onboarding is quick and easy, and most companies save over 50% on their annual subscription vs Maxio. What’s more, you can take your data further, consolidating SaaS metrics across countries and currencies, easily and quickly.

Difference #1

Onboard quickly. Save time & money.

ScaleXP is built on the latest technology including machine learning and Ai. This allows us to build deep links into your current systems and get you onboarded much faster.   Most companies are fully set up on the ScaleXP platform in 2 weeks or less, compared to 20+ weeks with SaaSOptics / Maxio. 

The technology behind ScaleXP means that we can deliver powerful functionality at lower cost.  On average, ScaleXP costs less than 50% of SaaSOptics / Maxio. 

Difference #2

Automate SaaS metrics across countries & currencies.

With SaaSOptics / Maxio, you can only see SaaS metrics for a single business, creating the need for tedious spreadsheets to track data across legal entities. 

With ScaleXP, you can easily view SaaS metrics by entity or across all legal entities. Consolidated SaaS metrics across countries and currencies is simple and straightforward.

SaaS metrics

Difference #3

Use your existing data & systems.

Maxio replicates large parts of your accounting software. This creates errors and leaves finance teams spending hours trying to synch data.  

ScaleXP works with your existing systems instead, filling the gaps between them, without replicating functionality.

  • Invoices are sent in your accounting system or in Stripe, ensuring that FX and tax rates are always correct and tracked consistently.
  • Customers have a wide range of payment options, including bank transfers as well as Stripe, with all data passed directly to the accounting platform.
  • There is limited need to modify your current processes.

Five star review from Serge Milbank, Chief Executive of Confer With.

Five star review from Chris Hardy, Finance Director of Interrodata

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ScaleXP provides instant metrics and contract management across countries and currencies

ScaleXP provides the benefits of Maxio with less time and cost investment, greater flexibility, and full integration with your financials, saving you time and money for clearer insight.

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Contract management including renewals

Revenue recognition automation

Fully synced with Xero or QuickBooks, and Stripe

Automation of SaaS metrics including MRR and ARR

Automation of SaaS metrics across countries currencies and consolidated entities

CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) built up from accounting data across entities

Flexible reporting including presentations downloadable to PowerPoint or Google Slides

Quick & easy setup, typically finished in less than 2 weeks

Typical price point

£10,000/ year


ScaleXP Integrates With All Leading Accounting & CRM Systems