Xero & Pipedrive Integration

Sync Xero and Pipedrive data instantly for a full view of business.

Smarter reporting

ScaleXP is an easy-to-use powerful solution designed for B2B finance teams, providing everything you need to seamlessly integrate Xero & HubSpot.

The system will track deals through the sales funnel, highlighting when deals are ‘closed won’, indicating that it is time to prepare the invoice. Sales funnel and time to convert metrics can be included in forecasts, easily. 

Sales pipelines and sales funnel conversion can be tracked over time. 

Benefits of integrating Xero & Pipedrive data

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Automate your most important business metrics: revenue, MRR & ARR

Revenue and revenue growth is the heart of every business.  Too often it is tedious to calculate and difficult to share.

ScaleXP solves this problem.  Through a sophisticated series of text recognition algorithms, the platform reads and processes all of the data and text on invoices.  Revenue recognition schedules are prepared for you, by client and even invoice.   MRR and ARR calculations are automated using definitions which you set.

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Understand customer revenue, churn, retention, upsell

Track customer revenue over time.  Understand upsells, downgrades, retention and churn.  Share data with the sales teams and customer retention teams, every month, so they can react quickly.  Schedules are prepared for you and shared in a click.


Track performance vs. targets

Track business performance and targets across the company.  Easily understand if the sales teams are meeting their new customer targets.  Track both customer acquisition cost v. budget and the number of marketing qualified leads, in one place, easily. ScaleXP makes it easy to track forecasts, budgets and targets across all of the metrics which matter to you.

Revenue recognition streamlined

ScaleXP streamlines all parts of revenue recognition, starting with deals won in HubSpot.

After an invoice has been issued, the system will use a sophisticated series of text recognition algorithms to allocate revenue by month, using all of the data and text on the invoice.

Manual tracking is reduced, and you have an accurate, real time view of revenue. The system can even prepare deferred revenue journals for entry in Xero.

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Subscription & SaaS metrics made easy, using Xero & HubSpot data

HubSpot pipeline and conversion data can be combined seamlessly with Xero to automate subscription metrics and KPIs. Complex metrics such as ARR, MRR and unit economics can be fully automated using your Xero and HubSpot data. 

The system is built on a metric library, filled with industry standard definitions, which are easy to customise for your business. Once this is done, results are updated daily, ready for your review. And best of all, results can be shared or added to a board pack or management presentation in a few simple clicks.  

ScaleXP supports finance teams in creating a single source of truth, using cohesive data from HubSpot and Xero.

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KPI and single source of truth

Xero & Pipedrive Integration FAQs

Getting started is easy. Onboarding and setup takes just 1 hour and is done over zoom. In fact, you can get fully setup in ScaleXP faster than many finance teams can calculate their MRR. Book a demo now to discuss your specific requirements.

ScaleXP combines text recognition and data tagging to automate MRR and ARR calculations. This technology is the the most sophisticated on the market. Nonetheless, if your MRR and ARR calculations are particularly complex, you can schedule a short Zoom with a product specialist who can assess if it can be automated.

All definitions are extensively researched to ensure that they reflect the latest norms.  Definition is easy to customise and update to your business requirements.  If you would like to check the defaults, just click here for a full list.