Easily build a revenue or MRR forecast

Building a detailed revenue or MRR forecast in spreadsheets can be a tedious, multi-hour process. It required understanding all contracted revenue, forming a view of renewals and incorporating information on the new sales deals.

Pulling all of this data together in spreadsheets is a thankless task. Just when the spreadsheet is updated, data changes, leaving you in an endless process of chasing your tail.

ScaleXP has a better way.

Combine data from any - or all - of these systems

Escape from tedious spreadsheets

Let’s be honest….Building a credible revenue forecast in spreadsheets is complex. If you are lucky, all of your data is in two systems. If you are unlucky, data can be in 3 systems plus spreadsheets. You need all of the data but tracking changes is impossible.

ScaleXP solves this problem by providing direct integration to both your accounting and CRM data. This makes is easy to view and track all data.

Easily incorporate data from your current systems

ScaleXP pulls data from your current systems and provides smart overlays to make forecasting much easier:

Build a forecast - which will impress

ScaleXP forecasts move in lock step with your data, incorporating the latest actuals automatically

Forecast with scenarios

Looking to quickly create a ‘Best’ and ‘Worst’ case scenario? This takes about 5 minutes in ScaleXP, making it easy to see a range of possibilities quickly and easily.

Showcase and share your forecast

Incorporating your forecast into a board pack or presentation is easy. Just click to share the latest view with a colleague or download a presentation for the next board meeting

Get fully set up in days, not months

ScaleXP builds on top of your systems, making the setup process much easier. Simple companies are set up in hours. Even the most complex cases are finished in weeks.

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Revenue Forecasting FAQ’s

Yes, you can see fully adjusted accounting revenue or a forecast of recurring revenue only, adjusted for full month view, The choice is yours. You have flexibilty to customise views to meet your needs.

ScaleXP provides bottom up revenue forecasting using the full power of all the data in your CRM and accounting systems, either MRR or accounting based , adapted to meet your needs.

Yes, your revenue forecast is automatically availble in a section of charts and graphs, reports, and presentations which can be downloaded into Excel and Powerpoint in a click.

Yes, data from any systems can be combined, Xero – QuickBooks – Zoho – any combination. This is a fully automated process, built using complex and highly accurate algorithms.