ScaleXP vs Flowrev

Get not only fully automated revenue and expense recognition, but also comprehensive investor metrics, integration with your CRM, and full financial analysis including consolidation and customised presentations

#1 Alternative To Flowrev

Like Flowrev, ScaleXP integrates with your accounting system to automate revenue and cost recognition and provide MRR and ARR, but it has the added benefit of text recognition software for enhanced automation, integration with your CRM, a full suite of SaaS and subscription metrics including CAC and LTV, and a wide range flexible yet intuitive reporting and presentation options.

Difference #1

Full suite of investor metrics

ScaleXP provides 40+ automated SaaS metrics including customer acquisition cost (CAC), lifetime customer value(LTV), customer churn, revenue retention, investment payback and more, integrating data across currencies and accounting systems to provide real time customisable analytics with ease.

Difference #2

Smart accounting and CRM integrations including text based revenue recognition and contract management

ScaleXP seamlessly links financials from Xero and QuickBooks with contract management in Hubspot, Salesforce or Pipedrive and invoicing in Stripe, enabling advanced analytics and management of contract renewals, sales pipelines, and customer analytics.  Setup is easy and intuitive and includes the use of text recognition to mimimise the need for manual intervention.

Difference #3

Intuitive yet flexible and comprehensive reporting

ScaleXP provides fully automated yet highly customisable summaries of key subscription based metrics and financial reports as well as operational tools such as renewals schedules. Reports are available instantly in multiple formats from charts and graphs to downloadable Excel reports to PowerPoint presentations. Customer support is readily available for those who prefer a more personal experience.

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ScaleXP provides comprehensive metrics and reporting across CRM and accounting systems as well as revenue and cost recognition

ScaleXP provides the benefits of Flowrev with the added benefits of text recognition for cost and revenue allocation, a full range of subscription metrics, integration with your CRM, and additional reporting functionality.

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Rule based automation of revenue recognition and cost prepayments

Automated cost and revenue reporting based on text recognition  

Fully synced with Xero or QuickBooks, including invoices and journals 

Integration with Hubspot, Pipedrive, or Salesforce

Integration with Stripe

Automation of SaaS and subscription metrics including MRR and ARR

Automation of SaaS and subscription metrics such as CAC (customer acquisition cost),  LTV (customer lifetime value), customer movements, churn, Rule of 40, and retention 

Metrics and financial reporting across countries and entities

Investor metrics and reporting across P&L, cash, and balance sheet such as profitability and return on investment

Flexible automated reports and visualisations which can be shared online, downloaded to Excel, or downloaded to PowerPoint.

ScaleXP Integrates With All Leading Systems

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