We believe that entrepreneurs will change the world

Entrepreneurs invent and re-imagine products and services that profoundly impact and enrich our lives. They see opportunities and take risks, creating new businesses and entire industries. Yet the journey from idea to world changing business can be bumpy.

We believe that data can make their journey faster and more assured

A moment of insight and inspiration may start the journey but building companies capable of realising a vision requires very practical insights. Data can highlight the most profitable channels to market, best customer segments, fully loaded cost of providing a product, data critical to realising a vision.
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We are here to create the premier report system for early stage and high growth companies, helping each maximise their business potential.

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We provide companies faster and easier access to their data

The ScaleXP system accesses, and instantly combines, relevant data sources into a simple single point of access. Days, even weeks, are saved compared with building and then maintaining large spreadsheets and disparate data systems.

We facilitate data driven decisions to fuel growth

Through a single interface, historical performance assessed in a wider context of externally benchmarked KPIs. Insights and trends can be shared with the team, the board or even investors