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How to automate Hubspot invoicing in QuickBooks


Marjorie Stern Jackson

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Easily invoice Hubspot deals in QuickBooks using ScaleXP

Looking to streamline your invoicing process between HubSpot and QuickBooks? If your business relies on HubSpot’s CRM and QuickBooks’ accounting platform, integrating these systems can be a game-changer. ScaleXP offers a seamless integration solution to optimise your workflow and save you valuable time.

Seamless HubSpot invoicing directly through QuickBooks

ScaleXP’s invoicing solution enables you to manage invoicing in QuickBooks directly from HubSpot without ever having to leave the CRM interface. This integration captures relevant deal terms as they happen and seamlessly adds them to your invoices generated in QuickBooks, ensuring your billing information is always accurate and reflective of the latest agreements.

Complete two-way sync between HubSpot and QuickBooks

Experience the convenience of a full two-way sync between HubSpot and QuickBooks with ScaleXP. This integration updates customer payment statuses in real-time, providing your sales and operations teams with up-to-date information. By eliminating manual data entry, you can reduce errors, allowing your team to shift focus from routine tasks to other initiatives in sales, operations, and strategy, enhancing overall productivity.

Improve workflow efficiency to convert quotes to cash more effectively

ScaleXP optimises the workflow from quotes generated in HubSpot through to generating invoices in QuickBooks and managing collections. This seamless transition ensures that invoices are dispatched on time and mirror the latest customer interactions stored in HubSpot. Simplifying the invoicing process aids in faster payment collections, improving your cash flow.

Real time data for better decision making

Integrating HubSpot and QuickBooks provides your teams with real-time visibility into billing and collections directly within HubSpot. This immediate access to financial data ensures that your sales, service, and operations teams can make informed decisions swiftly, maintaining high standards of customer service throughout the customer lifecycle. It also ensures that your business has full transparency on the rate at which sales are converting into cash to fund the business.

HubSpot invoice automation benefits

ScaleXP’s HubSpot invoice automation features help reduce the rate of invoicing errors and the subsequent delays in payments typically seen with manual processes. With ScaleXP’s invoicing solution, you can automate alerts for finance when invoices need sending and, similarly notify sales about payment delays. This helps to ensure a steady cash flow by improving collection times and supporting timely renewals of contracts and services.

End to end visibility means enhanced control over billing and collections

Everyone in your business, from customer relationship owners to sales, service, and operations teams, can track and monitor invoices directly within HubSpot. This integration ensures a consistent understanding of invoiced terms and amounts, facilitating a unified approach to managing customer relationships and financial transactions.

Other benefits of integrating QuickBooks HubSpot billing through ScaleXP

Integrating QuickBooks and HubSpot billing through ScaleXP isn’t just about streamlining your invoices – it’s about transforming your financial management.

But that’s not all you get from using ScaleXP to integrate your QuickBooks HubSpot billing.

ScaleXP also provides powerful metrics and reporting tools. No more struggling with complex financial data – you get clear, actionable insights. And when it’s time to present to stakeholders, ScaleXP automates that too, with dynamic presentations and charts.

Moreover, if you have recurring revenue, you’ll love how ScaleXP helps you manage contract renewals. It automatically tracks key dates and terms in HubSpot, making it easier to keep customers happy and reduce churn. Plus, you can predict your future revenue more accurately using HubSpot’s deal data – perfect for planning ahead.

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