Marjorie Stern Jackson

Marjorie has more than 25 years of experience working across all aspects of finance and investment banking including at Lehman Brothers, Chemical Bank (now JP Morgan Chase), BNP Paribas, ABN AMRO, Marks and Spencer, the John Lewis Partnership, and Little Dish.   She studied politics, sociology and Economics at Princeton University and has an MBA with a focus in Finance from Wharton Business School.

Having provided financial insights to and about companies ranging from very small start-ups to huge publicly traded household names, and  from perspectives including lender, investor and employee,  Marjorie understands the importance of cutting through the latest fads and jargon to provide the information that matters most for whomever is using it.  

Marjorie grew up in the USA and retains strong roots in both New York and Arizona; she now lives in the Queens Park neighbourhood of London where she loves hanging out with friends and neighbours along with her British husband, teenage son and a large black labrador retriever named Midnight.

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