Xero & salesforce integrationS

Xero & Salesforce Fully

Stop tedious manual processes.  Easily create integrated data insights across the systems.

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Smarter reporting

ScaleXP is a powerful solution designed for B2B finance teams, providing everything you need to seamlessly integrate Xero & Salesforce.

The system will track opportunities through the sales funnel, highlighting when they are ‘closed won’, indicating that it is time to prepare the invoice. Sales pipelines and sales funnel conversion can be easily tracked over time, making it easy to compare current and historical performance.

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Revenue recognition streamlined

Revenue recognition is automated

ScaleXP streamlines all parts of revenue recognition, starting as soon as an Opportunity is Closed Won in Salesforce.

Revenue recognition is automated

Salesforce + ScaleXP Delivers More

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+ Xero

+ accounting data

Fully integrate Salesforce + Xero data

Ensure marketing teams can access and understand campaign spend

Ensure all invoices are issued on time

In limited cases

Automatically track contract renewals  

In limited cases

Understand data using AI powered dashboards across integrated datasets 

Understand the highest growth customers, their channel, sector and geography

Automate business critical KPIs by fully integrated data sets

Move your finance team from routine processing to powerful business partner

Monitor sales pipeline

Monitor your sales pipeline over time to understand trends and issues. Easily track changes in the size of your pipeline by stage, number of deals, conversion between stages and closure rates.

Booked vs. billed in a click

Easily check that all invoices are issued, using our booked vs. billed report. The report provides a list of deals won in Salesforce and invoices issued in Xero, making it easy to check that every invoice is issued and that all amounts are correct.

Track actuals vs. targets, or forecast

Automatically track actual sales performance compared to a budget or latest forecast. Targets include a wide variety of metrics including number of deals in the pipeline, conversion rates by pipeline stage, deal conversion rates.

Subscription & SaaS metrics made easy

Fully automate all subscription metrics & KPIs using integrated Xero, Salesforce data. This includes ARR, MRR, acquisition costs and unit economics.

ScaleXP has a predefined metric library, filled with industry standard calculations which are easy to customise for your business in a few clicks.

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Join Nourish & hundreds of other companies automating complex financial reporting.

Nourish started using the ScaleXP revenue recognition, SaaS metrics and consolidation functionality in late 2022 to enable them to speed up production of monthly board packs and performance analysis.

3+ days

Saved per month


Deferred Rev Accounts


Deferred Rev Accounts
We have been able to significantly reduce the time to prepare our monthly reporting packs, feeding into a group board pack at the click of a button with 100% accuracy. We also have a real time view of our ARR bridge, are able to get to SaaS metrics quickly and also to sanity check that invoicing aligns with contracts.
John Billington
Chief Financial Officer

Dual integration FAQ’s

Revenue recognition can be fully automated from Stripe, Xero, QuickBooks, ZohoBooks and other platforms. For the full list of our accounting integrations, just click here ->

ScaleXP is built on a series of sophisticated natural language processing algorithms, which read and understand the text, just as a person would. Any date format can be used.  You can even mix and match American date format (mm-dd-yy) and British date format (dd-mm-yy). 

The system also understands words which convey time such as annual, quarterly, 6 months, 2 weeks, 6 days, just about anything you can think of. If a person can read and understand the revenue recognition period on your invoices, the ScaleXP algorithms will also understand. 

Xero and QuickBooks can be automatically updated with draft revenue recognition journals. You simply review and click to approve. Journals can not be automatically passed to ZohoBooks at this time. 

Yes, of course. ScaleXP provides a full breakdown of both Revenue (on the P&L) and Deferred Income (on the Balance Sheet). It will work across all of your accounts, as many as you have. 

Schedules can be viewed by customer, by invoice, and by general ledger code. An audit trail of all journals passed to the accounting system. And, in case that’s not enough, all schedules can be downloaded to an Excel file.