Automated Financial Data & Analysis Platform

We empower finance teams through smart automation, making it easy to create business impact from financial data and save more 4-days per month by removing manual process like deferred revenue journals.

  • Remove the manual process associated with finance departments with smart automation.
  • Track 100+ business critical metrics in real-time
  • Gain the most visibility you’ve ever had by integrating with Xero, Quickbooks & more.
  • Fully compliant reports to IFRS standards.

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Automated Metrics

Benefit from a suite of automated metrics, MRR AR our lifetime value, acquisition cost and over 30 others. Each is predefined with an industry standard definition, which can be quickly customised to your business requirements.

Automated deferred & accrued income

fully automate deferred and accrued income recognition directly from the invoices in your accounting system. Using a sophisticated series of text recognition algorithms, the system reads and processes all of the data on invoices.

Financial Consolidation

Greatly reduce the time spent on merging data with the financial consolidation module. data is imported from any combination of accounting systems shown here with no need for the same general ledger. Consolidate across countries and currencies in a single click.

Reports & Dashboard

Bring your data together from across system understand future trends. With a range of reports and dashboards easily tailored to your needs. Financial Data is transformed into insights, which are visual and easy to share.

More than just deferred revenue
automation. ScaleXP is:

A single source of truth which connects over 10 different accounting and CRM systems to consolidate and centralise your data into 1 place.

Real-time metric and KPI tracking of over 100+ business critical metrics ensuring you you have visibility on accurate data that can can be used to make smarter strategic decisions.

Dashboard and reporting assistant that makes building dashboards,management and board reports easier than making a cup of coffee.

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How does it work?

Our text recognition algorithms are the most sophisticated on the market which means it can instantly transform your deferred revenue recognition process, eliminating the need for spreadsheet tracking.

The system reads all text on your invoices, identifying the relevant time period. Our revenue recognition schedules are then automatically prepared, ready for your review and confirmation.

It’s fully customisable for you to, which means that even if you are doing something differently from other companies we will work with you to get everything set-up and running in under an hour.

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Who uses ScaleXP?

ScaleXP is a differentiator for SaaS businesses. Whether you need to track and report on investor metrics or keep up-to-date with you management team. 

Business Advisors & Investors. Stay on top of business changes and trajectory and have the data presented to you beautifully in real-time.

Accountants manage your client accounts from one location easily. Create customised reports in seconds and ensure everything is compliant with IFRS & other finance reporting standards.

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About us

ScaleXP was formed to give ambitious companies the tools to reach their potential by bringing the power of data to your screen, highlighting performance against target.

Founded by Suezann Holmes (pictured left) after noticing how time consuming it is to manually assess and track data on disparate spreadsheets.

During these unpredictable times, it’s imperative to get the most out of your data by highlighting the profitable channels to market, best customer segments, fully loaded cost of providing a product – data which is critical to realising a vision.

A moment of insight and inspiration may start the journey but building companies capable of realising a vision requires very practical insights.

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