Financial consolidation

Understand business performance across multiple entities and currencies with instant drill down.

Benefits of automating financial consolidation

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Streamline your financial consolidation process

Streamline your accounting process and close the month faster.

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Improve transparency

Improve transparency, traceability with instant drill down. Ensure a clear audit trail.

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Provide highly accurate consolidated financials easily

Share beautiful graphs which bring financial data to life

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Instant setup

The best part is that the setup process takes just one hour, with no need for a consistent chart of accounts.

Import data from your current accounting systems, and define consolidated financials, exactly as you want to see them.

Our vision is to help SMEs use the power of their data to make better business decisions. Too often, financial data is not visible, and we want to help change that, empowering the finance team with data insights, beautifully presented, in order to create better business outcomes. 

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Integrate your accounting systems

ScaleXP offers the broadest range of accounting integrations, allowing you to consolidate your financials in just a few clicks, across systems, currencies and countries. 

Xero Consolidation

QuickBooks Consolidation

Netvisor Consolidation

Sage Consolidation

Additional accounting integrations are available, click here to learn more ->

Multi-currency consolidation

Multi-currency consolidation is a cinch with ScaleXP. Exchange rates are imported automatically and applied in accordance with IFRS standards. Each rate is stored to four significant digits (four places after the decimal point), ensuring the highest degree of accuracy for each calculation. 

With the data imported and consolidated, you can view performance across all businesses, including the parent company or any subsidiary, with instant drill down. It is as simple as one click. 

ScaleXP boosts the productivity of the finance team and makes it easier to close quickly. In fact, the system is so quick that you can even provide a mid-month revenue forecast in just a few clicks, should the boss ever ask!

Streamline Financial Consolidation with ScaleXP

Consolidated company KPIs & metrics

With ScaleXP, you can easily track financial and non-financial insights. All KPIs are available for the parent company or any subsidiary, instantly consolidated with drill down functionality.

Budgets and forecasts can be loaded into the system, either from your accounting system or from a spreadsheet or CSV. 

Every metric is interactive, allowing you to click for further detail.  This is designed to make it easy to understand the full calculation, even for the most complicated metrics.

Track KPIs across accounts with our CRM and accounting integrations at ScaleXP

Built-in presentations for consolidation

ScaleXP’s built-in presentation templates allow you to create sleek board or management account packs in less than 30 minutes!

Our board presentations templates seamlessly integrate graphs, metrics and reports. Each time new data is imported to the system, the graphs and tables automatically update. 

All you need to do is add commentary, and present!

And, as if that’s not enough, reports and presentations can be shared online, allowing your teams to use the interactive features.

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Share consolidated reports across teams

Sharing your consolidated financials and metrics across the company is easy with ScaleXP. In two clicks, you can provide an interactive presentation, showing both graphs and reports. All online versions are fully interactive, making it easy for the business to see their numbers visually.  

PDF or Excel downloads are also available.  

These features are designed to ensure that all of the financial data can be used throughout the business.

Close faster and improve your consolidation process.

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Financial consolidation FAQs

Financial consolidation is the process of preparing a single set of accounts across multiple legal entities.  For example, if a company has a trading subsidiary in the UK and one in the USA, the combined financials represent a consolidated view. These consolidated accounts are also called group accounts.


You can consolidate up to 50 entities in ScaleXP. If you need more than this, just get in touch, and we’ll see if we can help.


Please click on the link below for more detailed answers on consolidating your financials. Read more ->