Leveraging HubSpot & Xero for Effective MRR & ARR Tracking


Marjorie Stern Jackson

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If you’re a SaaS or subscription-based company, achieving a real-time, comprehensive perspective on your revenue is crucial. Integrating your customer relationship management (CRM) system with your accounting software provides this benefit, amalgamating data from both platforms, including projections of future sales.

HubSpot stands out in managing customer engagements, sales funnels, and service processes, while Xero is renowned for its accounting fundamentals. Merging these platforms ensures that your sales and finance departments are synchronized and striving towards unified business objectives.

ScaleXP is an excellent resource that eases this integration.

The significance of aligning sales and finance

When HubSpot and Xero function as a cohesive system, the advantages are clear:.

  • Elimination of data silos: Fragmented data causes misunderstandings and inefficiencies. Integration forges a consistent, accessible source of information for all.
  • Immediate financial visibilty: Forget manual spreadsheet updates and delayed reports. With integration, essential data is always in sync and current, enabling swift responses to market changes or internal dynamics.
  • Holistic insights: View your financial indicators alongside sales information for a comprehensive overview of your business’s health and key performance indicators.
  • Strategies based on data: Abandon the spreadsheets and conjectures and adopt informed strategies based on up-to-the-minute insights. Refine your sales tactics, increase operational efficiency, and stimulate revenue growth.
  • Productive planning: Identify gaps and trends early on and adapt your strategies to ensure optimal results.

Deciphering MRR and ARR: what are they and why are they important?

Essentially, MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) represents your business’s consistent monthly earnings from subscriptions, while ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) extends that monthly amount across a year. They symbolize your financial regularity and annual outlook, respectively.

  • MRR: Your Monthly Financial Snapshot: MRR keeps you on top of your predictable monthly revenue gains.
  • ARR: The Annual Overview: By multiplying the MRR by 12, you arrive at your ARR. This metric gives you a long-term view of your company’s growth trajectory.

Seeking more information about MRR and ARR?

Visit the ScaleXP SaaS Metrics Library for detailed explanations of ARR, MRR and other critical SaaS metrics.

Interested in how your company stacks up?  Compare your figures with the ScaleXP SaaS Benchmarks for ARR and MRR in 2023 


The importance of MRR and ARR

Investors favor MRR and ARR, particularly within SaaS and other subscription models, as they signify predictable, forthcoming revenue. A robust, enlarging ARR often signals a healthy, growing enterprise, rendering it a significant figure for evaluations.

Monitoring the metrics: integrating Xero and HubSpot with ScaleXP

Monitoring MRR and ARR can prove challenging, especially when your financial information is scattered across various systems. This is where ScaleXP proves invaluable. By connecting Xero and HubSpot via ScaleXP, you gain a transparent, automated overview of your metrics.

ScaleXP simplifies MRR and ARR oversight by providing a unified platform where sales and financial data are automatically synchronized and amalgamated across different entities and currencies. This supports competitive positioning while promoting transparent, informed decision-making across teams.

ScaleXP’s user-friendly interface facilitates the straightforward administration of financial data and SaaS metrics, allowing for the swift and easy update of crucial performance indicators like customer churn and revenue growth. Additionally, ScaleXP aids your financial planning and analysis by automating an MRR forecast using existing HubSpot data.

Leveraging ScaleXP, firms enjoy real-time, comprehensive revenue forecasts that incorporate details from both finance and sales departments, fostering more strategic decision-making.

Grasping and monitoring both past and future MRR and ARR is essential. And with a resource like ScaleXP enabling the cooperation between HubSpot and Xero across various currencies and entities, these financial tools are always within reach!

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