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Leveraging HubSpot for Effective MRR Tracking with ScaleXP


Marjorie Stern Jackson

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Accurate tracking and management of Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) are pivotal for business sustainability and growth in the SaaS industry. MRR serves as a crucial financial barometer, signaling steady revenue streams and guiding strategic business decisions. 


ScaleXP takes MRR tracking one step further, surpassing the capabilities of manual processes or most other tools. It achieves this by integrating advanced text recognition software with links to accounting systems, coupled with CRM platforms like HubSpot. This integration ensures a more accurate and comprehensive analysis of MRR, encompassing both invoiced revenue and potential earnings from contracts not yet invoiced.

This article explores the significance of MRR in the SaaS industry and how the advanced capabilities of ScaleXP, alongside CRM tools like HubSpot, can optimize MRR management. We’ll delve into how ScaleXP’s sophisticated approach can provide a more accurate reflection of MRR, enabling smarter, data-driven decisions for your SaaS business. 

Understanding Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

Redefining MRR Accuracy with ScaleXP

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is a fundamental metric in the SaaS industry, reflecting a company’s steady income and forming the basis for strategic decision-making. ScaleXP redefines MRR accuracy by combining invoiced revenue with anticipated earnings from closed-won contracts not yet invoiced. This comprehensive approach to MRR calculation ensures a more accurate financial overview for SaaS companies.

The Significance of MRR in SaaS

MRR is more than just a financial figure; it’s an insight into a company’s growth trajectory and sustainability. Regularly monitoring MRR allows you to identify trends, predict cash flows, and understand customer behaviour. With a more inclusive MRR figure, companies can forecast their financial future more accurately, aiding in strategic planning and investor attraction.

The Power of Integrated CRM and Accounting Tools in MRR Management

The integration of CRM tools like HubSpot with accounting software such as Xero or QuickBooks is a game-changer for your MRR management. This collaboration provides a multi-dimensional view of financial data, encompassing customer relationships and invoicing details. ScaleXP’s text recognition technology ensures that all relevant financial information is accurately captured and reflected in the MRR calculations.

ScaleXP's Approach: Advanced MRR Calculation with HubSpot Integration

By integrating ScaleXP with HubSpot, you’ll gain access to a step-by-step approach for a more precise MRR calculation. This method involves considering not just the revenue from current subscriptions but also the projected revenue from newly acquired contracts that are yet to be invoiced. Such a comprehensive method offers a dynamic and predictive financial model, crucial for SaaS businesses.

Understanding Different MRR Types with ScaleXP

Here, we’ll break down various MRR types – New, Lost, Reactivated, Upgraded, Downgraded – to provide a detailed analysis for better financial planning. Understanding the impact of each MRR type is crucial for business growth and sustainability, and ScaleXP’s integration with CRM platforms like HubSpot makes this analysis more accessible and accurate.

Strategies to Boost MRR: Insights from ScaleXP and HubSpot

Adopting strategies to increase MRR becomes more effective when using ScaleXP and HubSpot. These platforms facilitate actionable strategies like upselling and pricing adjustments, tracking their impact on MRR. The combination of CRM insights and accurate financial data from ScaleXP ensures that these strategies are well-informed and targeted.

Avoiding MRR Calculation Errors with ScaleXP and HubSpot

ScaleXP’s integration with CRM platforms like HubSpot significantly reduces the likelihood of errors commonly encountered in MRR calculations. By automating the data collection and analysis process, ScaleXP ensures accuracy and reliability in MRR tracking, a crucial aspect for SaaS companies.


Setting realistic MRR goals and tracking progress becomes seamless with our HubSpot integration. These tools provide historical data and predictive analytics, essential for setting and achieving realistic financial targets.

ScaleXP and HubSpot: A Powerful Duo for MRR Analysis

Navigating through ScaleXP’s and HubSpot’s combined dashboard offers in-depth MRR insights, allowing you to tailor reports for comprehensive analysis. This integration is invaluable for SaaS companies looking to gain a deeper understanding of their financial performance.

Real-World Success with ScaleXP

Check out these case studies of businesses that have successfully optimised their MRR tracking using ScaleXP and HubSpot. Hear from satisfied clients who have experienced tangible results and achieved greater efficiency and growth.


So, we’ve covered the importance of accurately predicting and analyzing financial metrics like MRR in the SaaS industry. Why not see for yourself? Book a demo with ScaleXP today to get started?

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