Leveraging Pipedrive & QuickBooks for Effective MRR & ARR Tracking


Marjorie Stern Jackson

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If you operate a SaaS or subscription-based business, having an immediate, holistic understanding of your financial health is crucial. Connecting your customer relationship management (CRM) software with your accounting system is beneficial, amalgamating information from both areas – including projections of future earnings.

Pipedrive excels in overseeing customer engagements, sales funnels, and operational services, while QuickBooks handles the detailed aspects of financial management. Unifying these systems guarantees that your sales and finance departments are synchronized and striving towards collective business objectives.

ScaleXP offers an excellent solution for facilitating this integration.

The importance of aligning sales and finance

The advantages are clear when Pipedrive and QuickBooks function as one.

  • Elimination of data silos: Disconnected data leads to miscommunication and wasted time. Integration creates a single, reliable source of information accessible to everyone.
  • Instant financial visibility: No more updating spreadsheets.  No more waiting for reports. Integration means crucial data is always synced and up-to-date, so you can react quickly to market shifts or internal trends.
  • Integrated insights: See your financial metrics alongside sales data for a total picture of business performance and KPIs.
  • Data-driven strategies: Ditch spreadsheets and guesswork and make informed decisions based on real time insights. Fine-tune your sales approach, boost efficiency, and drive revenue growth.
  • Proactive planning: Spot trends early and adjust your strategies accordingly for the best possible outcomes.

Understanding MRR and ARR: uses and implications

Essentially, MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) represents your business’s consistent monthly earnings from subscriptions, while ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) extends that monthly amount across a year. They symbolize your financial regularity and annual outlook, respectively.

  • MRR: Your Monthly Financial Snapshot: MRR keeps you on top of your monthly revenue streams, helping with budgeting and day-to-day decisions.
  • ARR: The Annual Overview: By multiplying the MRR by 12, you arrive at your ARR. This metric gives you a long-term view of your company’s growth trajectory.

Want to find out more about MRR and ARR?

Visit the ScaleXP SaaS Metrics Library for detailed explanations of ARR, MRR and other critical SaaS metrics.

Interested in how your company stacks up?  Compare your figures with the ScaleXP SaaS Benchmarks for ARR and MRR in 2023 

The importance of MRR and ARR

MRR and ARR are metrics favored by investors, particularly within SaaS and subscription models, as they denote predictable, forthcoming revenue. An ascending ARR suggests a solid, growing enterprise, which enhances its valuation prospects.

Metrics management: integrating QuickBooks and Pipedrive with ScaleXP

Monitoring MRR and ARR becomes complex when financial information is scattered across various platforms. ScaleXP addresses this challenge effectively. By integrating QuickBooks and Pipedrive through ScaleXP, you acquire a transparent, automated snapshot of your financial metrics.

ScaleXP facilitates MRR and ARR oversight by presenting a unified platform where financial and sales data are automatically aligned and aggregated, even in different currencies. This integration helps maintain market competitiveness, promoting clear, informed decision-making throughout your organization.

ScaleXP’s user-friendly interface eases the management of financial information and SaaS metrics, allowing swift updates to vital performance metrics like customer churn and revenue expansion. Additionally, ScaleXP aids in your fiscal planning and forecasting by generating MRR projections from your existing Pipedrive data.

Utilizing ScaleXP, firms gain access to immediate, cohesive revenue forecasts that incorporate data from both finance and sales divisions, supporting more strategic decisions.

Grasping and monitoring historical and prospective MRR and ARR is essential. With ScaleXP’s assistance, combining the strengths of Pipedrive and QuickBooks across different currencies and business units, crucial financial insights are always within reach.

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