ScaleXP vs Chargebee

Get real-time revenue recognition right away, fully synced with your accounting system and backed up with great customer support

#1 Alternative To Chargebee Revenue Recognition for B2B Companies

ScaleXP provides real-time automated revenue recognition, MRR, ARR and customer metrics with minimal set-up effort and great customer service.

Difference #1

Revenue recognition for B2B companies which seamlessly integrates with your accounting system

ScaleXP integrates directly with your accounting system in real time, avoiding any duplication of invoices or misalignment of financial data.

Difference #2

Quick, easy set up

ScaleXP fully automates meaningful management reporting right away, including 40+ subscription metrics like MRR (monthly recurring revenue), ARR (annual recurring revenue), new customers, and LTV (lifetime customer value), seamlessly integrating data across currencies and accounting systems.

Difference #3

Great customer service

ScaleXP’s intuitive system is further supported by top rated customer support which is consistently 5-star reviewed by the Xero app store.   Subject matter experts are easy to reach for guidance and issue resolution.

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ScaleXP quickly and easily provides reliable real-time revenue recognition for B2B companies

ScaleXP provides automated revenue recognition and customer metrics, fully integrated with Xero and QuickBooks

Revenue recognition automation

Renewals management

Fully synced with Xero or QuickBooks

Automation of SaaS metrics including MRR and ARR

Easy to understand calculations and data sources for metrics

Extensive, flexible reporting including presentations in PowerPoint

Easily accessible customer support with finance and product expertise


Flat fee

Scales up with growth

Invoices imported into Xero or QuickBooks

Contract management including renewals

Revenue recognition automation

Fully synced with Xero or QuickBooks, including invoices, journals and Stripe integration

Automation of SaaS metrics including MRR and ARR

Automation of SaaS metrics across countries and currencies

CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) built up from accounting data across entities

Flexible reporting including presentations downloadable to PowerPoint

Set up in less than one hour

Typical price point

ScaleXP Integrates With All Leading Accounting & CRM systems