Budgets and forecasts

Comprehensive tracking of actuals vs forecasts. Intelligent variance analysis in a few clicks.

Actuals vs budget analysis across countries and systems

ScaleXP is certified app approved and integrated with all of the systems shown here.  Actual financial data is imported from Xero, QuickBooks, Sage, Zoho, each month.  CRM data is imported from HubSpot and Salesforce.  Forecasts can be loaded from your accounting system or loaded directly into ScaleXP.

Tracking is comprehensive, from sales targets to financial forecasts, even the conversion rate of new deals in the CRM pipeline. Your budgets and forecasts create a single source of truth across the company.

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Budget Variance Analysis

Tracking actual performance and variance analysis is dramatically simplified in ScaleXP. You simply select the relevant budget or forecast to include in each report or dashboard.

Xero tracking codes and QuickBook Classes can be integrated into reports. This is designed to make it easy to track budget variances in the way which is meaningful for your business – by department, by team, by country. Budget variance analysis is simplified, and data is easy to share.

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Why ScaleXP is the best solution for tracking budget vs actuals

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Update the data just once

Tracking variance analysis across budgets and forecasts in spreadsheets can be complex, with different forecasts throughout the year and different targets by team.  As data changes, ensuring there are no errors becomes increasingly difficult. 

ScaleXP simplifies comparisons, ensuring you update the data just once. All changes instantly filter through the system, ensuring your actuals and budget comparisons are always accurate.


Track multiple forecasts

Track up to 10 budgets and forecasts.  Budget data can be imported from Xero or QuickBooks or loaded directly into ScaleXP. 

Comparisons across actuals vs budgets and forecasts is easy.  You simply select the relevant forecast for each report or dashboard.  This is designed to make it easy to prepare multiple views, for specific teams or business units in a few clicks. 

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Provide variance analysis in a few clicks

With granular analysis in dynamic dashboards, variance analysis becomes much simpler. Colours indicate where targets have been met or exceeded.  Instant ‘drill down’ makes it easy to understand anomalies. Creating a single source of truth across the company is suddenly much easier.

Share data easily

ScaleXP seamlessly integrates data from your accounting system and a spreadsheet version of your budget or forecast. Dynamic online dashboards can be shared in a click, making it easy to share data with the CEO, the board or investors.

Automate variance analysis for complex metrics

Variance analysis for business critical metrics can be fully automated using the ScaleXP metric library.  For SaaS or subscription companies, this includes unit economics, CAC payback, MRR and much more.

Read about subscription metrics here ->

KPI and single source of truth

Budget and forecasts FAQs

Yes, the system can track up to 10 budgets or forecasts.  Forecasts can be imported from Xero or Quickbooks or spreadsheet based budgets can also be loaded directly into the ScaleXP platform.

Multiple forecasts can be imported and tracked in ScaleXP. This make it easy to track targets by team, ensuring every team receives a report with their specific targets, particularly the CEO and the sales team.

Yes, the system provides several template reports and presentations, which are easy to customise. This includes a suite of graphs which should actual v. budget performance.

Yes, of course. Forecasts and targets are imported in a businesses home currency. Variance analysis and performance reports can be shown in any currency, in a single click. All FX rates are imported daily, and IFRS standards are applied in all calculations.