for high-growth technology companies

ScaleXP makes it easy to understand company performance. Our tools automate metric tracking from data collection to advanced analysis.

Metrics Sharing and Collaboration Tools

The ScaleXP system includes 100+ metrics tailored by:

  • Sector or industry
  • Stage of growth
  • ESG priorities or concerns
  • Company specific milestones

Data is easy to share with colleagues through shared or collaborative graphs and tables.

Spreadsheet analysis
team working on cloud dashboard features

Automate KPIs

ScaleXP allows metrics to be tracked without the need for typing, manual processes and scattered spreadsheets. Data is:

  • Timely and current
  • Accurate
  • Traceable

A single source of truth saves time and facilitates discussions on growth, rather than data comparability.

View Dynamic Dashboards

With the most configurable dashboard technology, ScaleXP enables you to gain new insights.

  • Standard graph sets by sectors
  • Benchmark comparisons across the portfolio
  • New insights
presenting dashboards
presenting dashboards features

Streamline Reporting

Make board and investor reporting a seamless, easy process using our report generators.

  • Create your own report, using the most relevant data
  • Select relevant graph and datasets
  • Send PDF files or provide an online link

Leverage Powerful Analytical Engine

Detailed datasets allow us to compile a holistic view of performance, automate complex and time-consuming calculations effortlessly. The predefined library of calculations and metrics, specific to sector and stage of growth, allows you to analyse performance with a few clicks, rather than hours of spreadsheet manipulation.

calculating data
Understanding and evaluating dashboards

Unlock Value

Review performance. Compare and benchmark key metrics. Use data to make better decisions.