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Marjorie Stern Jackson

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Moving deals to Closed Won on HubSpot is often just the beginning.  The real challenge for many small and medium sized businesses lies in efficiently managing the invoicing process to ensure timely cash flow.   This is where ScaleXP comes in, offering a seamless solution for automating and tracking subscription invoicing directly from HubSpot.

Automate subscription invoicing from HubSpot

For small and medium sized service businesses, the journey from deal closure to actual cash collection can be cumbersome.  ScaleXP’s integration with Hubspot automates this process ensuring that once a deal is closed, invoicing follows promptly and accurately.

Here's what ScaleXP can add to your HubSpot experience:

Streamlined invoicing

With ScaleXP, amendments to customer data are automatically updated, maintaining data integrity and a single source of truth for all your billiing needs.  This integration creates a smooth, automated invoicing flow, syncing directly with Xero or QuickBooks in both directions and generating accurate billing schedules.

Consolidated revenue management

ScaleXP provides a consolidated view of all revenue streams, even across countries and currencies.  This ensures accurate visibility of revenue including GAAP and IFRS compliant revenue recognition, forecasting based on Hubspot deal pipelines, and revenue realted KPIs and customer metrics.  This powerful combination makes financial management and analysis much easier and efficient.

Workflow efficiency

By syncing information across HubSpot and Xero or QuickBooks, ScaleXP invoicing ensures real time communication of key invoice information across finance, sales, customer service and operations teams as relevant.  HubSpot automations make it easy to track invoice and payment progress, converting quotes to cash with minimal revenue leakage.  End to end visibility means enhanced control over billing and collections.

Why choose ScaleXP?

ScaleXP not only automates invoicing but also offers extensive automation benefits for other areas of financial management.  With features like text recognition for deferred revenue and prepaid expenses, custom revenue recognition rules, and comprehensive analytics ScaleXP is a powerful tool for B2B subscription businesses.

ScaleXP offers all of the following:

  • automated subscription billing direct from HubSpot
  • full two way sync between HubSpot and Xero or QuickBooks for a single source of the truth
  • no-code integration with your accounting system, Xero or QuickBooks
  • automated reporting, dashboard visualisations and Powerpoint presentations incorporating revenue alongside customer and financial data and metrics of your choice
  • automated GAAP and IFRS compliant revenue and cost recognition for a faster close at month end, incorporating invoiced information linked directly from Hubspot for total efficiency
  • support for renewals and invoice tracking, especially powerful when used in conjunction with HubSpot’s existing automation tools for notiications and reminders

By integrating ScaleXP with HubSpot, you can streamline your invoicing process, improve financial accuracy, and get paid faster.  Embrace the future of subscription billing and enhance your HubSpot experience with ScaleXP.

For more information, visit ScaleXP Invoicing.

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